Axel Alonso on Marvel Female Superheroes

After the announcement of a female Thor and the  release of the new over sexualized Spider-woman comic book cover, Marvel comics has been under fire critically. At the first chance to put the spotlight on female superheroes instead on male heroes, Marvel has so far dropped the ball.

It seems that Marvel is putting too much emphasis on the females’ assets in order to retain readership, even though about 46.67% comic fans are women.

This is what Marvel Editor in Chief had to say on the matter,

“We believe there’s an audience of women out there who are hungry for this and we want to make sure they get it. This is affirmative action. This is capitalism.” Later he states, “I challenge you to find inMs. Marvel anything that resembles the Playboy model standard. But I don’t want to be Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes. We’re creating stories. I don’t want to say there’s no room for stuff that’s not just fun. Then you’re censoring yourself. I want to make sure I have books like Ms. Marvel and Black Widow that I’m proud about and could give to my daughter. But at the same time I don’t want to be the PC police and say you can’t be naughty; you can’t be fun.” For more info, click here.

It’s obviously a fine line between fun and sexy; will Marvel be able to find their balance?

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