Amy Reeder Creates Anti-Harassment Signs for NYCC

This year, we’ve been seeing more and more conventions cracking down to protect its participants by setting up zero-tolerance anti-harassment policies. This comes in response to numerous complaints over the years about…well, anything and everything, from jerks who would either ridicule cosplayers to them secretly taking inappropriate pictures of other participants. New York Comic Con has adopted a zero-tolerance policy as well, which we recently took notice when they asked comic book artist Amy Reeder to illustrate signs to promote this policy.

Reeder comments on her Tumblr page:

In addition to designing the Brooklyn Defender this year, NYCC asked me to illustrate something they can use for their anti-harrassment signs around the convention floor. The smart idea would probably have been to draw one character in my style, for recognition’s sake, but I had this idea in my head and really wanted to try something new. I wanted it to be modular, so they could change it and use bits as they like. And I wanted it to feel inclusive. No one wants to be harassed.

amy reeder - cosplay not consent 1 amy reeder - cosplay not consent

New York Comic Con will be held Oct. 9-12 at the Javits Center in New York City.
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