The Most Amazing Playing Cards – We’re Not Bluffing

Playing cards can often be a tense affair, with your opponent watching your every move, looking for that tell. That little tick that might suggest you are bluffing, the rub of the nose that shows you have a full house. And then you look down, waiting for the river card, and you notice, that’s Buzz Lightyear on that card.

Who says poker can’t be fun?

Art on playing cards has been a regular feature for decades now, but in more recent years they’ve become cooler and more inventive than ever before.

So if you’re a pro, or just started learning to play poker, take a look at some of our favourite designs to grace the green felt:

Felix Blomeestijn’s Deck

Designed by Netherlands based illustrator Felix Blommestijn, this deck certainly features the weird and the wonderful  with images more suited to a gallery space than a 2.5 x 3.5 inch box.

The designs, which all use a monochrome colour scheme, feature dark imagary with a host of unusual characters and will probably leave you taking in the art more than the value on the actual card.

Pixar Cards

These Pixar playing cards truly are a work of art. With their retro design, and characters ranging from WALL-E to Woody, they’re fun, colourful, and quite unique too.

Designed by UK-based Chris Anderson, they come in a deluxe wooden box that will make you want to keep them on display rather than be passed around to your mates with their greasy chicken wings fingers.

Crooked Playing Cards

It’s not often you get a deck of cards that aren’t oblong in shape, so the crooked deck instantly cuts the risk of a few stray cards from sliding down somebody’s sleeve. This deck will be the talk of the table, and is perfect for a more relaxed game with friends.

If you like playing the game with a bit of a twist, these are certainly for you.

Joe Douchet’s Deck

It’s safe to say Joe Douchet took a minimalist approach when designing his highly-rated IOTA deck. Simply using circles, diamonds, and triangles to represent the four suits, the cards concentrate on one thing: the value.

Although it’s certainly a case of less is more. We love these cards; they’re sophisticated and modern. Despite the deck having no artwork on the reverse, they still look cool – effortlessly cool even.

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