A Weekend at Dragon Con

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, Dragon Con happened. Unofficially dubbed as “Nerdi Gras” of the Southeast, Dragon Con is a Labor Day weekend event where fans and cosplayers gather together to celebrate their nerdiness. Every now and then, a few celebs like Cary Elwes, Karl Urban, Patrick Stewart, and the Gunn brothers (Guardians of the Galaxy) join in on the party as well. In browsing the images above, click on each to see the full picture.

Every year, Dragon Con becomes even more of a huge event than its previous year. While it officially starts on a Friday, people who check in on Wednesday and Thursday are already partying it up, specifically inside the Marriott hotel. There were even fan panels on Thursday, the first I’ve heard happening in the three years I’ve gone!

My own personal highlights of this year’s event are the Cary Elwes panel — at some point the mics for the questioners stopped working and Cary decided to “break” all the rules and invite the fans on stage for an intimate one-on-one, plus hugs.

Watch Cary Elwes try to sing “Men in Tights”

Lessons learned during Dragon Con:

  1. Invest in a camel bag for hydration. It’s easy to sweat out all of your fluids before the day is over.
  2. Bring a portable fan with a cooling misting function — you’ll get stuck in cramped, humid elevators.
  3. Take headache pills regularly if you’re prone to sensory overload.
  4. Don’t forget to eat.
  5. “Pie” is definitely not what you think it is (unless you’re thinking of alcohol). I’m still wondering what’s in this concoction, but it will definitely knock you off your ass if you drink too much of it.
  6. Creepers be creepin’ even when you’re not in costume. Bring a buddy or five and plan a few distraction/getaway tactics.

For more photos from Dragon Con, check out the event’s official pics provided by Samaze: Aquarium Night, Hotels, Parade.

Oh, and then there’s this precious moment with Patrick Stewart.

© 2014 James W Barker
© 2014 James W Barker
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