Who Do You Want to See in THE LAST OF US Movie?

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Ever since Naughty Dog announced that there was going to be a movie adaptation of The Last of Us, we’ve been dreaming up who could play our favorite leading duo, Joel and Ellie. The rumor mill is already a-flutter over possible castings and talks, the latest being Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams being optioned to play Ellie. At the same time, fans are projecting that Hugh Jackman can be a good contender for the part of Joel. We all know Jackman has the acting chops to carry the role well; however, we have a few other actors in mind to play Joel, as well as a few others for the supporting cast.

As Joel:

Just so we can get this out of the way, we can definitely see Jackman as Joel, as far as appearances go. Plus, he is no stranger to fighting to stay alive (through an apocalyptic world) while keeping an eye on a young girl (X-Men, Les Misérables). If he were to be cast as Joel, there will be no complaints from us.

Morgan is actually the very first actor that this writer has thought of when The Last of Us movie was announced. He’s the freaking Comedian (Watchmen) and Poppa Winchester (Supernatural), for crying out loud! He’s a gruff asshole with a heart of gold. Plus, we know quite a few ladies who swoon over this guy on a daily basis.

Mortensen is also no stranger to being a grizzled hard-ass, his most grim role being the leading man of The Road. We didn’t just pick Viggo because he has the potential of looking like a rough and gruff live version of Joel, but he can also turn on the character’s brutally violent side. Remember History of Violence? We can’t help but squirm a little just thinking about it. Oh great, now we’re thinking about the interrogation scene in The Last of Us. Youch…

As Ellie:

Maisie is a pretty obvious choice. Since it was said that she may be in talks to play Ellie, this girl has been at the forefront of our minds as our young actress of choice. She can be feisty, mean, and fight like a pint-sized version of any guy she stars opposite. Playing Ellie wouldn’t be too far of a stretch from Arya for Maisie. Plus, she one of the few child actors her own age that can actually pull off tense and violent scenes really well. Because Game of Thrones.

We thought long and hard about other young badasses in Hollywood right now, and the only other girl who came to mind is Amandla Stenberg. At the tender age of 11, she played the kid version of Zoe Saldana in Colombiana. After that, she starred in The Hunger Games as Rue, who possesses sneaky, cat-like stealthiness. Those traits are important when sneaking up on Hunters and Clickers. Look at her, how can you ever say “No” to that face?

Supporting Cast:

Charlize is one of those actors who can play just about anything. She’s been a myriad of badass women over the years, and she’s no stranger to fighting through chaotic post-apocalyptic worlds (Mad Max, Aeon Flux). We can see her as the hardened survivor Tess. As Joel’s partner, Tess embraces the dog-eat-dog philosophy with open arms, and will kill you twice if you ever mess with her merchandise. This lady is not to be reckoned with, and we can definitely see Theron fitting that mentality well.

The man needs work, and he bears a pretty strong resemblance to Joel’s brother Tommy. Why Holloway hasn’t had a big break since Lost continues to befuddle us. Sure was the lead in a CBS sci-fi drama called Intelligence, but that got cancelled. While the role of Tommy isn’t a prominent role, he’s vital enough for Joel’s character building midway through Ellie and his journey to find the Fireflies. Plus, this writer is kind of in love with him.

Even though Marlene is an important part of the story, she doesn’t appear very much in the game — meaning she’ll likely not appear as much on screen as well. Merle is Marlene. She mo-capped and provided the voice of the Firefly Queen, and even played the character live on stage. She already won us over. Why mess up a good thing with Merle?

Our only reference for John Hawkes is his role in Winter’s Bone, where he played opposite Jennifer Lawrence. As Teardrop (yes, that was is character’s name), he always carried with him a looming sense of danger and anxiety. He could just be sitting there quietly, not doing anything, and you feel like he’s about to do something really scary. That is definitely something that needs to be brought to the table when playing David, leader of a group of cannibal hunters who stalk Joel and Ellie for part of the game. And look at this guy! He looks just like David! Crazy.

Those are our picks for Neil Druckmann’s suggestion box. Who would you pick to play these characters?
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