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Tinertia Preview: Wildly Fun Puzzling Platforming

Tinertia is a game, much like Super Meat Boy, both addicting and frustrating. Tinertia is technically in the alpha stage but runs really well. You play as a little robot moving through stages with one command, shoot. The shooting is what you use to jump and launch yourself over obstacles.

At the end of a stage you are shown your completed time and how many times you needed to jump. You do have a number to beat, that is presented to you in par–much like golf. While you can go over par, of course, it’s something that I noticed to push me and figure out the layout to get under par… I didn’t get under par.

When it comes to the look of this game, I gotta say, it looks fantastic, and the music is amazing. I got to a point where after I was done playing I could not stop thinking about the song I’d just heard. The only issue I truly have with this is how slippery it feels to walk, and again since it’s just an alpha, I’ll hold hope that it will be fixed.


With the game technically in alpha, I’m not gonna complain much. Hopefully my minor complaints will be fixed by the time they get to beta, but sometimes I felt I was just moving way too fast. Maybe it was my controllers fault, or maybe you are meant to move that quick, but on the 3rd section of the first stage I had problems.

So, you may be asking yourself who are these “they” I’ve mentioned, well they are the team at Candescent Games. Based in Burbank, California, the team that created Tinertia consists of seven people. Vilas Tewari and Paul Ferguson are the game programmers, Tewari is also CEO, game designer Justin Biller, music composer Jeff Swingle, art director Cecil Kim, and the IP developers, Justin Yun and Jimmy Yun.

Candescent Games will be attending PAX Prime 2014, and you too will be able to try out this game at booth# 6916. The game should be finished and released on Steam by January 2015, and I gotta say, I’m excited to see it complete.

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