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The Weekly Pull List: 8/13/2014 CAPTAIN MARVEL, SPIDER-MAN, HEXED

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Since Graydon only has his eye on one comic this week, I’m taking over The Weekly Pull List this time. It’s pretty much a Marvel week for me. I’ve had to cut down on some titles in general, but there’s always a little room for something new–if it stands out. Here’s what we can’t wait to read.

amazing spider-man 5 cover

Amazing Spider-Man #5
Dan Slott (w), Humberto Ramos (a) | Marvel

Though I prefer Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man, I just can’t let go of my nostalgia for some good ol’ Peter Parker Spidey. Last issue tied into Marvel’s Original Sin event and introduced a new spider-character by the name of Silk. This issue continues with Silk and her role in Spidey’s world, and maybe we’ll find out what Black Cat has cooking with Electro.

captain marvel 6 cover

Captain Marvel #6
Kelly Sue Deconnick (w), David Lopez (a) | Marvel

Carol Danvers continues her journey away from home in deep space. And when she is not gallivanting with the Guardians of the Galaxy, she’s getting into trouble. I mainly want to see how Captain Marvel takes out a fleet of spaceships, but I wonder if Carol can handle the Spartax.

Death Vigil 2

Death Vigil #2
Stjepan Sejic (w/a) | Image

Sejic is one of Graydon’s favorite artists, his digital style and amazing production speed are nothing less than impressive. Graydon was immediately sucked into the world that Sejic created in the first issue of Death Vigil. The issue was fun, well paced, and left the reader with many new questions. Hopefully issue two will reveal more of the world as issue one did a nice job of introducing the major players, Hugin the Elder and Bernardette the Reaper being two of Graydon’s favorites. Any fans of Sejic’s Ravine series, or his work on Witchblade, should definitely be looking to pick this issue up.

hexed 1 cover

Hexed #1
Michael Alan Nelson (w), Dan Mora (a) | BOOM! Studios

Hexed returns with an ongoing series. Supernatural thief-for-hire Luci Jennifer Inacio Das Neves, mostly known as Lucifer, accidentally unleashes a terrible evil from one of her mentor’s paintings. That short description has me intrigued. I’m willing to give this new series some attention. I wish I read the original miniseries. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a complete sucker for supernatural and horror stories.


Inhuman #3
Charles Soule (w), Joe Madureira (a) | Marvel

The Terrigan Mist continues to travel around the world awakening dormant Inhumans. This issue completes the first arc of the series with Medusa going up against Lash. I’m a fan of Madureira’s artwork, so I gave this series a chance, and it turned out the story Soule presented intrigued me. Even with this issue being Madureira’s last, I plan on continuing with the story Soule wants to tell.

Spider-man 2099 cover 2

Spider-Man 2099 #2
Peter David (w), Will Sliney (a) | Marvel

I used to read the original series of Spider-Man 2099, so I was basically locked in to follow this series. This Spider-Man of the future is stuck in the present, and he’s trying to live comfortably until he can get back to his time. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the first issue as much as I did, but David handled it so well. Last issue Spider-Man was almost “erased,” and it led to an interesting reveal of who one of the villains might be throughout the series. That was a perfect way to bring me back for another issue.

It’s a light week after all. I guess this gives me a chance to catch up on some trade paperbacks I just received for my birthday.

What are some comics you plan on picking up? Anything that wasn’t on our list?

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