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The Other Woman
PG-13....109 min.....Comedy, Romance
July 29, 2014

the other woman

DIRECTOR: .Nick Cassavetes
WRITER: .Melissa Stack
the other woman
Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton,
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Taylor Kinney,
Don Johnson, Nicki Minaj
the other woman

SYNOPSIS: Cameron Diaz leads a knockout cast in this irreverent comedy about love, lust and the laws of karma. New York attorney Carly Whitten (Diaz) is nobody’s fool. So when she accidentally discovers that her too-good-to-be-true boyfriend Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is married, she’s less than thrilled. Not only that, she and Mark’s wife Kate (Leslie Mann), learn about yet another mistress (Kate Upton)! Before long, however, the betrayed beauties have become unlikely pals who’ve decided to teach their three-timing man a lesson. The more the trio learns about Mark, the worse he seems, and the more fun they have without him!

Far too often in movies and on TV—and probably in real life—a cuckolded spouse/partner places the lion’s share of the blame on the third-party, rather than the cheater. (Or at least makes a bigger show of confronting the outsider.) But wedding rings are easy to remove, and lies are easy to tell and to believe—especially when there’s no easily apparent cause for doubt. Why then is the cuckold/cuckoldress so laser-focused on the ‘other woman’? It’s simple: Because it’s easier to show the ugliest version of yourself to a complete stranger than to an intimate relation. But this fact doesn’t make that reaction right…or, at this point, particularly entertaining.

Rejecting many adultery tale clichés, The Other Woman shares the spirit of John Tucker Must Die (2006) and The First Wives Club (1996), and fills the age-gap between its peers’ protagonists. Also common to these three flicks: The improbability of feeling pity for the target(s) of the heroines’ vengeance. So too in The Other Woman is the cheater so scummy—“I get more ass than a toilet seat!” he admits/brags of himself—that one can’t help but cheer for each debilitating defeat he’s dealt by his formidable foes, “the lawyer, the wife, and the boobs.”

the other woman
© 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (Photo: Barry Wetcher)

Aficionados of the chick flick, rom-com, and female buddy comedy genres will recognize influences (such as the Born Yesterday-like aspects of Kate (Mann) and Mark’s (Coster-Waldau) marriage, and one character’s Bride Wars-style happily ever after), borrowed gags (e.g., a Van Wilder-like explosive situation, an assault on Mark’s manliness à la John Tucker Must Die), and epic girls’ nights out and in rivaled by those of The First Wives Club. True genre fans, however, will hardly be put off by this—after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and The Other Woman chose some pretty good role models.

The Other Woman’s cast also adds some its own flair to the genre. Whether mid-breakdown or -booze-fueled bonding, Leslie Mann shines. Quotable one-liners are delivered with ease by Cameron Diaz (“Cry on the inside, like a winner.”) and Nicki Minaj (“Selfish people live longer.”). And Don Johnson—playing Diaz’s father, a serial monogamist with a penchant for twenty-somethings—makes a heartwarming and hilariously inappropriate ‘manther’ (a male ‘cougar’).

Ultimately, The Other Woman is a “chick flick” in the best sense of the term: It’s a movie about women who stick together and help each other grow in positive ways…and never forget to have a damn good time doing it. An entertaining choice for your next girls’ night in.


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the other woman
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Featured Image and Box Art: © 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

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