THE LONGEST WEEK Trailer With Jason Bateman

We’ve all had what felt like The Longest Week, but it probably wasn’t much like Jason Bateman’s in this upcoming romantic comedy written and directed by Peter Glanz. Bateman plays Conrad, an adult in the loosest sense of the word. In the first few seconds of the trailer, we see him on the floor, recording himself as he speaks aloud the third chapter of the novel he’s writing. He sits quietly with his microphone until it becomes clear that there is no book, and there are no ideas. In reality, Conrad stands as the heir to a large fortune—there’s no need for him to lift a finger, and he never has.

That all changes when he loses everything that’s supposed to have been his. Astounded by this turn of events, he realizes he has nobody to turn to except for his best friend, Dylan, played by Billy Crudup. While most stories would end here—best friend helps best friend get back on his feet and restore his mental health and wellness—there’s a twist in the form of a beautiful woman to whom both men have made a connection.

Beatrice, played by Olivia Wilde, enters the picture as a woman that Dylan has been seeing for a few weeks before Conrad moves in. As soon as she enters the scene, the tension is palpable—and audible. In fact, it turns out that she and Conrad shared a serendipitous moment on the New York City subway in which she appears to hand him her number. It’s not clear whether the two crossed paths again before their introduction through Dylan, but the drama strikes a chord here; it’s clear that best friends will be fighting for Beatrice’s affection.

It’s hard to say which guy has the upper hand in the eyes of Beatrice, as both appear enamored with her. They also both appear to be romancing her, too, according to the trailer; we even see Dylan threatening Conrad to back off multiple times, but, as these types of movies go, he keeps on keeping on. It does appear that Jenny Slate comes on the scene to divert Conrad’s attention, although we don’t know who puts her there. Her comedic prowess will certainly make her a great addition to this already stellar cast of characters.

Love triangles may seem formulaic in the land of romantic comedy, but the one that unfolds in The Longest Week appears to have its own angle. For one, it’s refreshing that the main characters are men fighting for the affection of the same woman; usually, it’s the other way around. The movie also deals with the apparent privilege that Bateman’s character has had his whole life. The trailer leaves us to wonder whether the loss of his inheritance is the beginning of a losing streak or if he’ll go back to a life of leisure.

It’s interesting that a coming-of-age comedy could be geared towards the almost-40 set, and the romantic angle is sure to rope viewers in. As for whether or not he grows up and gets the girl, that will have to be seen when The Longest Week hits theaters and appears OnDemand on September 5.

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