SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL “Act 3: Rei Sailor Mars” Review

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Sailor Mars brings the heat! Haha, but no really. I have been REALLY excited about this fire-flinging sailor scout joining us, but this episode has mixed reviews. I enjoyed it. Rei’s tough-loner attitude and terrifying beauty is what makes her one of the best and most popular Sailor Senshi, and even if this episode failed in a few ways, it was still really important.

First off, I’ll say the only issue with this episode is the animation. It has some really awkward angles here and there, and a lot of people didn’t like it. If someone says they don’t like Sailor Moon Crystal, it’s probably because of the animation style. I don’t really mind it and I think it looks really pretty in most scenes, but i’ll admit the angles and proportions in this episode were a bit off. Other than that, great episode. Let’s get started.

We start out in the Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl is telling Jadeite off for failing. Too bad for Jadeite, but we finally get a good look at Nephrite, one of my favorite Sailor Moon enemies. How could you not love him with his long, majestic hair? He promises Queen Beryl that he will find the Silver  Crystal. Jadeite is still alive however, so he still gets to have a go at it. Hope he doesn’t fail Queen Beryl again. Outside of the Dark Kingdom, a mysteriously beautiful maiden senses something…

At the school, Usagi and her friends are talking about the Demon Bus. Apparently people get on the bus and never come back. Where are the police? Why is this bus still going? Anyway, Luna tells Usagi that they should meet at the arcade after school. At the Arcade we see a HUGE Sailor V poster. With the videogame and posters it’s clear that Sailor V is pretty big. I like how much they mention her. Anyway, two little bracelets fall out of the Sailor V machine, much like Ami’s transformation pen. Both Ami and Usagi wear the bracelets later in the episode. Ami and Usagi take a bus because Ami needs to get to cram school (hopefully this is a legit one, and not a brainwashing place, amirite?) Here’s the first place I noticed the animation was getting a little bit lame. Usagi’s face was really badly proportioned in this scene. Anyway, Usagi says she has nothing better to do and gets on the bus with Ami, and Ami mentions that she usually sees a beautiful girl at around this time.

The beautiful girl is Rei. She has really striking purple eyes, and Usagi is so swept up in her beauty that she gets off at Rei’s stop and follows her. Back at the shrine, Rei and her birds attack her, but then realizes that Usagi is just an average girl and the introductions begin. Rei reveals she felt a demon atmosphere and that’s why she attacked Usagi. Usagi doesn’t care about the demonic atmosphere, because Rei is a beautiful shrine maiden and we all know Usagi’s awful attention span. Rei says Phobos and Deimos usually don’t attack humans (Haha.. those are moons of Mars.. I wonder why she named her birds after Mars’ moons.. hmm).

A few ladies show up and talk about a little girl name Mii-chan disappearing. Mii-chan is one of Rei’s friends that she plays with while she waits for the bus. The ladies strongly imply that Rei is the reason she is missing. Rude. They walk away talking about how weird Rei is because she can sense things. Students start disappearing. Usagi tells Luna that they should go see Rei again. Luna says she was thinking that too. Luna thinks that Rei might be the Princess they are looking for. Luna looks really weird in this scene, too.

On the bus, Luna tells Usagi that she can communicate with Ami with the cute matching bracelets. Luna quickly realizes someone else is there, and starts meowing like a cat. It’s Mamoru, the mysterious guy that makes Usagi’s heart beat fast. They have a real conversation here, where Mamoru tells Usagi that he’s a high school student. Ooooooooh. She asks him if he’s heard of the Demon 6:00 Bus, and he says yes. She gets too shy to continue talking to him though. Aww, Usagi.

The ladies from before are back at the Shrine again, and this time they directly accuse Rei of causing the disappearance. Usagi steps in and tells them off. Rei has a meaningful talk with Usagi about how people always treat her strange because of her powers. Usagi offers to help her find Mii-chan, but Rei tells her to stay away from her. Rei sees Jadeite taking Usagi in a vision. To investigate, Rei runs up to the bus but instead, she is kidnapped. Nooooo, Rei-chan. Usagi watches all of this happen and hurries to save Rei. She needlessly uses the Luna Pen to transform into a flight attendant. The Luna Pen would be a really useful tool if Usagi wasn’t such a cute idiot. The bus disappears into a wall and Usagi tags along on the back of it. Tuxedo Mask was spying nearby and he saw her transform. Luna didn’t make it in, and rushes to Ami.

In the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite and Nephrite talk about how they took all the hostages to lure in the Sailor Scouts. Usagi wanders through there alone whining for help, but her communicator watch rings. Luna and Ami tell Usagi to transform. Ami transforms at the same time to teleport to her. Jadeite mentions how attracted he is to Rei, but Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon tell him to back off.

He reveals he was waiting for them and introduces himself. They begin attacking, but fail horribly. It appears Jadeite is winning until Rei wakes up. She recognizes Sailor Moon as Usagi. Rei fights Jadeite and he accuses her of being an ordinary human. The symbol for Mars appears on her head. AWWWYEAH. Luna throws her a transformation pen and tells her what to do. She says she knows and begins her transformation.

The Sailor Mars transformation sequence is both badass and beautiful, but there’s a lot of unneeded CGI making it look almost N64 worthy. A lot of people didn’t like the way her arms looked here, but I kind of liked the Cowboy Bebop-esque stretchiness. The CGI was bad but if you use your imagination it’s really pretty, haha.

They fight off Jadeite as a team, but it’s Sailor Mars that finishes him. It’s strange, he appears to have teleported out of the flames but according to the original story, he was supposed to die here. I wonder where they’re fitting that into the story now. Either way, I bet Queen Beryl will be SUPER upset with him.

The hostages awaken and there’s a happy scene with Mii-chan and Rei. Ami and Usagi tell Rei that they had been searching for her. I can tell the story is getting really good. If only the animation in this episode wasn’t so bad, it would have been great! The past two episodes have had really decent animation and I hope the fourth shows improvement.


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