SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL Act 2 “Ami Sailor Mercury” Review

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It’s finally starting to seem real that this anime is finally happening because Sailor Moon Crystal Act 2 flows so well. It’s kind of like getting past all the introductions in a really good book and getting down to the story. The beginning is going well, and I’m sure it’ll feel more and more complete as each Sailor Scout joins us. Act 2 also stayed extremely close to the original anime – to the point of me knowing exactly what will happen, but there were a few minor changes worth noting and with the new animation style it still felt pretty new. Spoilers past this point!

sailor_mercuryThe episode starts out by making us feel for Ami in the first few minutes because she overhears two boys talking about how she has no friends. It’s heartbreaking, but I mean, everyone kind of knows where the episode is going and she’ll make friends soon enough. I feel like even if you’re a first time Sailor Moon fan, you can figure it out from the title alone. 😉 But anyway, Ami seems like a sweet girl and you kind of really feel bad for her right from the beginning. Ami sees Usagi with her cute friends – and it makes you think about how lonely she must be.

Next we finally get a really good look at Queen Beryl. She looks exactly like the original anime Queen Beryl, but maybe with a bit more cleavage. She makes it clear that she’s upset with Jadeite because he hasn’t found the crystal yet, so he summons a new monster to help him. I love when they do this at the beginning of an episode because I like knowing which problems Usagi will have to face later in the episode.

Back at Usagi’s house, Luna and Usagi discuss finding allies and Luna reveals she’s got her eye one someone. The animation in this episode was great in my opinion, but Luna did look a little weird. Maybe a little too buff? Has Luna been working out? Anyway, in the next scene Usagi gets to introduce herself to Ami when Luna jumps out of a tree onto Ami’s shoulders. Loveable, dumb Usagi didn’t get the hint that this was who Luna suspected of being a Sailor Scout, but Usagi is really friendly so she gets to know Ami a bit and they go to an arcade. Ami kicks butt at the Sailor V game and a crowd is gathered around her to watch the butt kicking and it’s a cool scene because this lonely girl is finally getting some attention. Ami beats the game and a pen falls out. If you watched the original or read the manga, it’s really obvious that this is the Sailor Mercury transformation rod – but knowing nothing of the Sailor Scouts, Ami just thinks it’s a really cool pen. Usagi instantly gets jealous and shakes the machine and a pen pops out for her, too. This is the Luna Pen – something that was really cool but abandoned really early on in the original anime. It allows Usagi to change into disguises when need be. Cool. I wonder how long they’ll keep it around this time.

Ami’s late for her super weird cram school called Crystal Seminar. When she arrives at cram school it’s really obvious that the instructor is Jedeite’s monster. She puts the disk in (LIKE A CD-ROM! In the buff_luna_1original, it was a Floppy Disk. I almost really wish they kept it that way, haha.) and goes into a trance. I don’t think this is helping her IQ much. One of Usagi’s friends that also attends Crystal Seminar is acting really weird, and so is Ami. Usagi just wanted to get ice cream and everyone is being really weird, so Usagi steals a disk from Crystal Seminar to investigate. Usagi bumps into that dreamy guy from Act 1 again, and this time accidentally throws trash at him while Luna tells her not to litter. He tells her he’s not a trash bin, and this elegant exchange of words gives Usagi butterflies. I wonder if she’ll end up with him…

Luna and Usagi investigate the disk and disk-cover (haha…like, discover?!? haha? get it? um.) that it’s a brainwashing program. They rush to the cram school in an effort save Ami and stop these brainwashing shenanigans. Usagi uses the Luna Pen from earliar to disguise as a nurse and demands entrance to the building. I have no idea why she couldn’t just walk into the Crystal Seminar building since she’s a student and students go there, but hey, she used the cool Luna Pen. Ami is being attacked by the evil monster instructor, so Luna tells Usagi to transform infront of Ami. Usagi does so and starts to scream and activates her sonic waves which don’t help very much. The instructor attacks her leaving her trapped up against a wall. Luna tells Ami to transform using her pen from the arcade earliar – she doesn’t question it. Being a smart girl, she probably figured the talking cat was right considering Usagi just magically transformed too. Sailor Mercury’s transformation sequence is flawless and beautiful.

Tuxedo Mask arrives and saves Sailor Moon (he apparently did not need a disguise to enter the building) and Mercury attacks with her Aqua Mist. Sailor Moon uses her Moon Tiara Boomerang and the day is saved. Usagi and Ami depart the scene as friends, and Ami says she has so many questions for her. At the very end, we get a peek at the next Sailor Soldier – Sailor Mars. Yay 😀

Overall, this episode was great. It stayed true to the story, the animation was good, it flowed well and it didn’t feel forced. The story is getting better and more exciting and each and every character was likeable. It also didn’t stop to explain too much, which is good because most anime explains too much in the beginning and that’s what makes a series seem slow. I liked it. I only had a few issues here and there with silly little things like buff Luna and Usagi needlessly changing into a nurse, but for real, good episode. Can’t wait until the next one: Act 3 – Rei Sailor Mars.

If there’s anybody out there watching Sailer Moon Crystal that didn’t watch the original Sailor Moon anime, please let me know what you think! I’d like to hear it!

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