Phoenix FearCON is Now a Two-Day Event

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Since its inception six years ago, the FearCON Festival in Phoenix, Arizona has steadily gotten bigger and bigger. This year, it has apparently outgrown its previous venue at Phoenix Theaters and moved to a spacious new location, which has been dubbed “Fear Farm,” at 2209 N 99th Avenue. Yes, that means FearCON is now an outdoor event. But that’s not all. In addition to making this an open-air celebration of horror, FearCON is also expanding this whole bloody affair to two days.

FearCON will feature a wide variety of independent horror films, performer appearances, panel discussions, and special effects demonstrations. Attendees will also get to meet screenwriters, paranormal investigators, their favorite artists at Artist’s Alley, and more. Plus, they’ll be treated to a concert featuring Hardwire, Sara Mayhem, and Epitaph Romance.

The schedule currently includes stars from Sharknado 2, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story: Coven. FearCON will also include Zombie Paintball, the Umbrella Corporation, AZ Corpse Crew, and Predators.

Because this is now an outdoor event, FearCON organizers want to set up a canopy to shield fans and entertainers from the unpredictable elements of Mother Nature. “After receiving offers from a number of event planners,” says Chris McLennan, director of FearCON VI, “the lowest priced canopy was available for $9,000. In order to help make this event feature possible, FearCON’s organizers have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.”

McLennan continues, “Along with the satisfaction of knowing that you helped make possible one of Arizona’s premier horror events, you may also receive valuable rewards for your contribution including FearCON posters, one or two day passes, or a VIP pre-show.”

The 6th Annual FearCON Festival will take place November 1-2 at their new location, 2209 N 99th Avenue. Special VIP Passes are available in limited quantities at the FearCON box office. The perks include an invitation to the Private VIP Costume Party on October 31st, a special meet and greet with featured celebrities, some swag and a special photo op on the Red Carpet.

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