Jeff Goldblum Joins JURASSIC PARK Wedding Photo

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There are some non-traditional wedding photos that are just plain goofy, or downright scary. Then a picture that includes a whole wedding party running away from a T-Rex pops up, and the whole internet cheers and laments the fact that they haven’t thought of it themselves. How can anyone top that? Dr. Jeff Goldblum can, and did.

Over the weekend, something amazing happened during Pamela and Jesse Sargent’s wedding. Photographer Adam Biesenthal told Huffington Post that he took a picture of the wedding party doing the “running away from a T-Rex” picture…with Goldblum right in the middle of it.

Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum and his fiancée Emilie Livingston attended the wedding, which was held in Toronto — Emilie is a friend of the bride. Below you can see a close-up of Goldblum running with the bride and groom, followed by the whole picture.

Jurassic Park Wedding close up

Pamela and Jesse Sargent Wedding

You almost feel sorry for the random newlywed couple who thought of this first. Having Goldblum participate in this type of wedding photo just blows all attempts right out of the water. Nothing else can beat this. You all might as well just stop now.

The only other person who might be able to pull this off is Goldblum himself, and even then he has to one-up this picture. May we suggest, Dr. Goldblum, re-creating more scenes from Jurassic Park? Like this one:

Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park

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