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GameInvasion Podcast – Episode 21 – It’s In 3D!

On this week’s GameInvasion, join Carl Wilhoyte, Nick Weber, and Nick/Katie Hammer as we talk about Valve’s soft-launch of the new Source Engine in DOTA 2, the surprising success of the Nintendo 3DS, and our most wanted virtual reality games. The 3DS is kind of a fluke system in that you can’t describe the effect unless you are actually there. Same with the Rift. It’s just one of those things you have to try.

This week is Gamescon 2014, and we’re not going because we’re too cool for school and we are poor, and it’s across the ocean in Cologne, Germany, so we’re staying in and talking about where we see the future of games, and we see it as VR. Germany can suck it, unless they announce Half-Life 3 in which I will literally die. I share a story about trying the Oculus Rift and not getting stabbed in a sandwich shop. We also talk about spiders, why they can’t make a good non-Lego Marvel game, and Weber makes a pun to rule them all.



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Theme Song: Serious As An Attack Button by Questiion

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Carl Wilhoyte

Carl Wilhoyte

Carl Wilhoyte is the Video Games Editor of a class warrior poet who writes about all things video games. He's sure everything is not under control and is not going to be okay. For a good time, follow his angry rants and smart thoughts on Twitter: @carlwilhoyte.