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GameInvasion Podcast – Episode 23 – The Best For Last

On this week’s episode of GameInvasion, it’s the last episode of GameInvasion! Sorry folks, but we need to pack it in for the time being. It’s been an awesome 6 months, and 23 episodes later, we hope we brought the worst of the best in 4 nerds jabbering on about all the vidya gaems. We’re making all of our episodes available until the end of the year, and then we’ll be shutting these doors for good, sealing away our snark like an ancient Norse evil.

For our concluding episode, we’ll be talking about our favorite games of all time and why. We’re pretty negative on the games industry as a whole during its obnoxious decline into the mainstream cesspool of American pop culture. We’ve plotted the ignominious failure of franchises, disempowering female characters, the eternal woes of Nintendo’s inability to innovate, preorder douchebaggery, and so much more. So we wanted to go back and talk lovingly about the games that inspired, challenged, and invigorated us.

For all our disappointment with modern game development, there is hope. The rise of VR, the preservation of classic games through GOG and ROMs, the emerging indie game scene, crowdsourcing of neglected genres, and the universe of new interactive worlds is more vibrant that anytime in our lives. It’s a good day to vidya gaem.



Theme Song: Serious As An Attack Button by Questiion

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Carl Wilhoyte

Carl Wilhoyte

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