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DOCTOR WHO, “Into The Dalek” Episode Recap

Have you ever wanted to go into a Dalek and see what it’s like walking through the most dangerous place in the universe?  The Doctor and Clara went into a Dalek and it was quite the adventure. The Daleks are back! The episode immediately begins with the Daleks attacking a ship. When The Doctor saves the young woman (Blue) in the ship being attacked by Daleks he takes her back to her main station. Once in there, the young woman introduces him as a Doctor and the men in the station take him to a patient and the patient is a Dalek.


Now for some main points from this episode:

1. We are introduced to Danny Pink. He’s an ex-soldier who teaches math and the cadet program at Coal Hill School, where Clara teaches as well. He seems like the ‘hot teacher’ on campus guy and clearly has a huge crush on Clara. When he fails around her she shows up outside his classroom as he’s reciting everything he should’ve said to Clara and she tells him not to be that nervous when he takes her out for drinks.

2. “Clara be my pal and tell me….am I a good man?” “I don’t know” “Neither do I”.

3. The Doctor has a conversation with the Dalek in the station and this Dalek isn’t a ordinary awful Dalek, it’s actually talking about all Daleks must dying. “Destroy the Daleks!” The Doctor tells Clara all this and takes her to the station. They decide to go into the Dalek. They also get miniaturized in an awesome way! Once inside the Dalek, the whole vibe is incredibly eerie. “Welcome to the most dangerous place in the universe” – The Doctor. Also, The Doctor calls this Dalek Rusty.

4. The Dalek (Rusty) is experiencing a radiation leak, according to The Doctor. The Doctor fixes the leak and suddenly Rusty wakes up and starts exterminating people back at the station.

5. Once again, Missy appears (in Heaven) after taking Gretchen (who helps everyone out in the Dalek).

6. Clara recharges Rusty’s memories while The Doctor is talking to Rusty, Clara does it all and Rusty remembers the good memories. The Doctor gets into Rusty’s mind and Rusty sees good things and then Rusty sees The Doctors hatred of Daleks and Rusty begins thinking of exterminating the Daleks again. Rusty kills all the Daleks at the station.

7. Rusty says, “I am not a good Dalek, you are a good Dalek” to The Doctor.

8. The Doctor takes Clara back and Clara says she doesn’t know if he’s a good man, but knows that he tries to be.

Next weeks episode looks like The Doctor takes Clara to meet ‘Robin Hood’. Did you guys enjoy this episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!





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