CONSTANTINE Casts Michael James Shaw as Papa Midnite

Michael James Shaw joins the cast of Constantine as the titular character’s formidable adversary, Papa Midnight, voodoo king of New Orleans.

CONSTANTINE - Michael James ShawIn the Vertigo Comics series Hellblazer, Papa Midnight is an immortal mob boss (and voodoo priest) working outside of New York. Long before Hellblazer, and in DC Comics’ current Constantine comic book, Midnite has been a thorn in Constatine’s side. They’ve been known to join forces every now and then, however, when the situation calls for it, and it seems that relationship will carry over into the TV series.

This seems to be Michael James Shaw’s first huge break, with only a few shorts and a bit part in an episode of The Wire under his belt.

Constantine premieres 10 pm EST, October 24 with a pilot directed by Neil Marshall (Doomsday). The cast also includes Matt Ryan as Constantine, Harold Perrineau as Manny, Charles Halford as Chas Chandler, and Angélica Celaya as Zed. The executive producers on the show are Daniel Cerone, David S. Goyer and Mark Verheiden.

[via USA Today]

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