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Bob Kane’s Personal Comics Are Going Up For Auction

Everyone seems to be in the auctioning off mood lately. First, it was with the auction of a near mint Actions comic, and now with the auction of a early comic appearance of Batman and then some.

It has been announced that Bob Kane’s personal stash of comics will be auctioning off. The comics were in the possession of Hollywood screenwriter, Bob Underwood. The auction will takes place through ComicConnect, a big online auctioneer.

The comics that are going up for sale will be Detective Comics Nos. 27 through 45 and Batman Nos. 1 through 3. But that’s not all folks! The collection includes a near mint Incredible Hulk No. 1. This 1962 comic is one of four copies that are known to exist. The estimated price for this comic is around $300,000. There is also a 1942 Archie comic. Archie No. 1 marked the first time Archie appeared in his own magazine. Its estimate price is $150,000.

The auction will be consist 5 sessions from Monday and runs through Aug. 29. Click here for more info on the auction and other items up for sale.

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