ARROW’s Stephen Amell is Auctioning Scripts for Charity

We can’t get enough of Stephen Amell. To be more accurate, this writer, can’t get enough of him. Not only does he have abs that just don’t quit, but he also is “utterly infatuated with raising money for charity.” A few weeks ago, he raised money for Prayers for Sophie by auctioning off Arrow statues. Now he’s putting old Arrow scripts to good use by auctioning them off on eBay and donating the proceeds to a charity.

The scripts Amell has chosen are episodes 201 to 209, which include the introduction of Barry Allen, aka The Flash. Each will be signed by the cast of Arrow and Grant Gustin, the actor playing The Flash. As of writing this article almost 500 people (not accounting for repeaters) in all have participated in the auction, and the scripts have gone upwards to $1800, the lowest currently being $690.

Stephen Amell added a message in the comments section on his Facebook page:

Some people are bidding irresponsibly. Now, I’m not mad, but I did open up this auction globally and don’t want to regret that decision. The proper amount will be found for each of these items even if we have to relist them. Bottom line: Only bid if you plan on buying… Don’t try and inflate the price. Thank you!!

To what charity Amell will be giving is undetermined, but he promises to announce one before the auction closes.


Can this guy be any less perfect? You’ll find all of Stephen Amell’s scripts up for bid on eBay. Happy bidding!
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