6 Spider-Man Heroine Spin-Off Movies We’d Like to See

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Amongst all the super hero movie buzz lately, the topic of when exactly we will be seeing a stand-alone heroine film has been one of the larger topics. Marvel Studios has had their share of heroines in movies like Black Widow in The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Solider as well as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy. However, Producer Kevin Feige has more or less skirted around the issue by saying the women “were” those films. There’s also doubt that Warner Bros./DC Comics will even entertain a Wonder Woman film, despite featuring her in the upcoming Batman v Superman (then again, with the WB just announcing their plans to essentially copy Marvel’s footprint by announcing dates for two DC movies to be released every year until 2020, one of those surely has to be a Wonder Woman film…  …right)?

With Marvel and DC’s femme fatale film plans in question and Fox making us cringe every time someone on the cast of the Fantastic Four reboot mentions something that has nothing to do with the original comic book, that leaves Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man franchise… who, as it turns out, just announced a stand-alone “female-centric” spin-off. Now for those out of the loop, the Amazing Spider-Man franchise has been a bit troubled from the start. As much as I enjoyed both films, fans were quick to point out plotholes and just plain things that made you go “what happened to that Indian guy in the limo?” (Sidenote: My girlfriend is still upset that Peter would even consider using Bing as a search engine in ASM1). The second film didn’t gross nearly as much as Sony had hoped, which left them with egg on their face, since prior to Amazing Spider-Man 2’s release, they had announced a third and fourth movie, and two spinoffs to take place between them. As a result, Sony shuffled releases around, with the Sinister Six film (obviously while the ending to ASM2 is still fresh in our minds) forthcoming, as well as the Venom spin-off set to include Carnage, and this now third spin-off. The big question on everyone’s mind currently: Who does Sony/ASM’s producers have in mind to play the lead role in this lady superhero spin-off?

That’s where I come in. I’m hardly a superhero, but after a massive debate arose on the Facebook, I figured I would make note of the potentials and weed out the ones who from the Spidey-Verse are least likely to portray such a character:

Jessica Drew (a.k.a.: Spider-Woman)
Probability: Unlikely

In comic books, there’s almost always a female counterpart to the most iconic superheroes. Supergirl, Batgirl, She-Hulk, etc. Spidey’s no exception. Depending on which comic series you’ve read, the basis of Spider-Woman’s story is that she received her powers through injection/radiation of spider DNA, and eventually fought alongside the Avengers/S.H.I.E.L.D. Therein lies a problem: Jessica has next to nothing to do with the Spidey-Verse. Of course there have been plenty of other Spider-Women, but the question of who has what rights may come into play also. Hopefully it doesn’t end up similar to Fox/Marvel using Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch at the same time (with restrictions).

Felicia Hardy (a.k.a.: Black Cat)
Probability: Very Possible

Also depending on which comic/cartoon version you’ve seen, Felicia is a fellow classmate of Peter Parker’s, who eventually turns to a life of crime (a la Catwoman… even though the character of Black Cat is predated). In the 90s cartoon, Felicia has a rather twisty relationship with Peter where as civilians she is quite stand-offish to him, however Black Cat is rather attracted to Spidey, to the point where she attempts to turn him to the side of crime. In Amazing Spider-Man 2, “Felicia” (played by Felicity Jones), is the assistant of Harry Osborn. Both Felicia and Black Cat are also featured prominently in the ASM2 companion game (which has nothing to do with the film, but still has a bit of fun to it). I should also mention that the subject of Felicia Hardy being in ASM2 is also featured in a YouTube ad for the upcoming Digital Copy of the film, which points out the “secrets” of the film.

If all signs point to “Yes” for a Black Cat movie, then 1) Is Sony preparing to groom Jones as the female heroine of the Spidey-Verse? and 2) Would a Black Cat film be successful? Did Catwoman work for Halle Berry? No, seriously, I’ve seen about 5 seconds of that film, it wasn’t even worth watching.

Silver Sable
Probability: Uhh… I dunno?

Silver Sable is essentially a mercenary who along with her Wild Pack, started out in the pages of Spider-Man, teaming with the Web Head and later Captain America, Punisher, Deadpool, and other various mercenaries. She had a brief run on the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon, but nothing memorable. The only feasible way I can see Sony making Silver Sable the main character, would be as a middle finger to Marvel Studios for underutilizing Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. Also, I wonder what side of the fence Sable’s rights lie?

Gwen Stacy (Spider-Girl/Woman? Or something else completely)?
Probability: Interesting concept. Who knows?

I’m not going to use the proverbial “SPOILER ALERT,” considering… plus, why on Earth would you be reading this if you HAVEN’T seen ASM2 yet? Anyway, Gwen’s dead. But when has that ever stopped a comic book character from staying dead? In the comics, Gwen was killed and later brought back to life as a clone. With speculation that Emma Stone will make some type of appearance in ASM3 (FYI: Her beau IS the titular character), who’s to say they don’t Coulson her back to life?

There’s also another possibility, and this pertains to both the picture provided as well as my comments earlier about “Spider-Woman.” Marvel is throwing an alternate version of Gwen into the Spidey-Verse mini-series soon. The alternate version in question is essentially a “What If,” where instead of Peter, Gwen is bitten by the radioactive spider, and takes on the mantle of “Spider-Woman.” It could very well be an interesting spin on the franchise if Sony not only brought in a second spider-powered superhero, but also ensured Emma Stone a continued tenure in the Spidey Cinematic Universe.

Mary-Jane Watson (Some weird new story about how she’s not the damsel in distress)
Probability: Maybe as a link to the next ASM?

Mary-Jane has always been the damsel in distress, when Gwen wasn’t in the picture (although Gwen was hardly a damsel in ASM films). In the Tobey films, Mary-Jane (played by Kirsten Dunst) was always getting herself caught by the villains, which then used her as bait to lure Spidey in. Ultimately, they bum-rushed the symbiote story in part 3, and she was no longer in the picture (with the exception of Spidey having to save her… AGAIN… from peril). The character of Mary-Jane was set to appear in ASM2, portrayed by Shailene Woodley. Her scenes were, however, cut from the final film, as producers felt her presence took away from the drama of Gwen’s death. Sony had hoped to have Shailene back before ASM3, however her schedule is full now that she’s the star of the Divergent series. Could Sony be changing the character around in hopes of introducing her in a stand-alone film, prior to the third Spidey outing?

Aunt May (Super Aunt)!
Probability: Yeah… now I’m just being silly.

Honestly, I AM just being silly. But indulge me for a brief moment. Sally Field can honestly be whatever she wants to be… she’s been a flying nun, a witch of an ex wife who eventually warms up to her cross-dressing ex-husband, Burt Reynolds’s hood rat, and a wise mother with anecdotes about boxes of chocolate (just to name a few). Why can’t Aunt May kick a little bad-guy butt? Better yet… Aunt-Woman! Yeah, ok… I’ll stop now. x_x

Someone Completely New (Because they can’t get the rights to anyone that isn’t already owned by Marvel or Fox)
Probability: Probably more likely than we think… short of Sony giving the rights back to Marvel.

I’ve discussed potentials from the blatantly obvious to the absurdly impossible. Something else not considered, is the idea of an entirely new female character completely. Where is it written that a comic book adapted into film has to follow the source material (again, cringe at the Fantastic Four reboot). In a similar sense, if Paul Dini and Bruce Timm of Batman: The Animated Series hadn’t thought outside the box, there would be no Harley Quinn.

I believe this is the point where I’ll leave the rest up to you folks to discuss. Who do YOU think Sony should have as the lead in their UNTITLED SPIDER-MAN HEROINE SPIN-OFF FILM? Is there someone I’ve missed? Any better ideas out there? Let us know!

P.S.: I purposely left out “Spider-Babe.” Let us never speak of that again.

Which Spider-Man heroine spinoff would you like to see?
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