THE LAST OF US: ONE NIGHT LIVE Was Super Great, Totally Awesome

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The Last of Us: One Night Live is an experimental brain child thought up by Geoff Kieghley and director Neil Druckman. You can imagine the conversation going, “Hey, this is a game we love. It’s deep, emotional, and totally awesome. Let’s do a live performance with all the main actors, recreate some scenes from the game. While we’re at it, let’s bring in the game’s composer, Gustavo Santaolalla. It’ll be fun!” We were all under the impression that this was just going to be a dramatic table reading with some music for atmosphere. We were wrong. What we got was infinitely better.

The primary members of the cast all act out select scenes from the game on stage. Suddenly, we yearn for something we didn’t even know we wanted: a stage play of The Last of Us.

The actors delivered their lines seamlessly; a lot of “F*** yeah!” moments. The best part of the show is definitely the hospital scene. Some or  all of you know of the prank Druckman and company pulled on Troy Baker. Merle Dandridge, who plays Marlene, bursts out into song. Troy, being the awesome guy he is, just goes along with it. They had two options while preparing this event: do the original hospital scene, or go with the alternative. You can guess just by looking at the picture above which one they went for.

Those lucky enough to attend the live show were given a custom steelbook case for the Last of Us: Remastered, AND they were treated to an epilogue that takes place four years after the end of the game. It’s a scene Neil Druckman wrote himself in where Joel comes into Ellie’s room and starts playing a song for her. Afterwards, he gives her the guitar.

The LUCKY BASTARDS! Pretty sure we’ll see it on the internet eventually, but still!

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