SDCC ’14: THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Trailer

The highly anticipated Comic-Con trailer for The Walking Dead season 5 is here and it’s epic from beginning to end! The last time we saw the group they were locked up, but not really actually, in a train compartment. Now in the trailer we see that Gareth and the rest of the Terminus psycho’s are going to be messing with Rick and the gang a lot in the first few episodes. In this trailer we see a lot more of Rick then we saw in the 2nd half of last season. It seems as if we’ll see plenty of awesome Rick moments again and he’s determined to keep everyone safe. No more farmer Rick forever!!

We learned a lot of things from this trailer and how intense season 5 will be. Check out the trailer below and 5 quick things we’ve learned:


1. They get out of the compartment only to be tied up

The group is tied up and Gareth is threatening them, with Bob pleading for nothing to happen. The whole story of Eugene knowing how to cure all the walkers comes into play and seems to save them from what looks like an execution. All throughout the trailer we get some seriously bad vibes from Gareth. They definitely cannot trust him so it’ll be interesting too see how they’ll all mesh together with that tension.

2. They’re heading to Washington!

With Eugene claiming to know how to cure the world, they seem to be heading to Washington, with the Terminus guys. Throughout the trailer we see that there’s plenty of tension and Rick knows they cannot trust Gareth.”These people are my family. If you hurt them in any way..,” Rick lets it be known!

3. Little Ass Kicker, Tyreese and Carol are reunited with the group

How this comes about we don’t know, but it’s nice to see them with the group and Rick holding Judith a lot throughout the trailer. A sneak peak to next season showed Carol, Tyreese and Judith in the midst of a walker herd, so we are left wondering how they make it away from that and find the group. I’ll assume that when the group and Terminus folks get on their way to Washington they bump into Carol, Tyreese and Judith.

4. Father Gabriel (played by Seth Gilliam) is in this season!

Well, I think we all knew this, but it’s nice too have it confirmed! We see a brief moment of him on the floor crying. Plenty of people assumed that Beth was probably with him, but we see that she isn’t! Seth Gilliam is yet another actor from the amazing show The Wire who has been cast in the show!

5. Beth is alive…..and with a whole new set of people

Beth is alive! We were all left wondering exactly where she could be and who kidnapped her and now we have our answer, but we don’t know exactly who those people are. We see a lady in a cop outfit, so i’m assuming she’s a cop?, slapping Beth after she says, “every sacrifice we make, needs to be for the greater good in here you’re not the greater good, you’re part of a system.”


What are some of your favorite moments from this trailer? Are you ready for the intense season? Leave your thoughts and comments below and watch the premiere of season 5 on October 12th!


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