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The final day of Comic-Con has arrived and this marks my last panel of the weekend! And shockingly, my only time in Hall H this year. Supernatural is about to take the stage and talk about their upcoming 10th season!
This marks the 10th season for Supernatural and the 200th episode will be airing in November. Supernatural’s 10th Season will kick off with a retrospective episode first.

We’re going to be seeing the gag reel to close out the panel! Can’t wait!

To kick off the panel we’re getting a special highlight reel including a teaser scene. Jensen Ackles directed an episode this season, and we’re getting a sneak peek. The clip showed a ton of the best kills from the last season and then lead in to the first confrontation between Sam and Demon Dean. It looked great! Dean is chasing Sam through some hallways with a hammer or an ice pick, and nearly hits Sam in the back of the head. But he turns just in time to stop him and put a knife to his throat. “Do it,” Dean says. “It’s all up to you.”

The guys are all up there with their pop funko figurines, except for Mark Shepard (Crowley) who doesn’t have one. Turns out the other guys made him one out of a starbucks cup and some popsicle sticks.

For this season, Jeremy Carver likes the dynamic of who’s the real monster – Demon Dean or Sam.

Demon Dean is different from other demons since it’s actually Dean’s soul in that “meat suit”, he’s just so twisted.

We’ll have to see if Crowley’s in charge or if Demon Dean’s just on his own.

200th episode – it’ll be musical-ish. Supernatural’s own spin on it. Beyond the songs, it’s very much a love letter to the fans. Jenson jokes that it’s big hair bands.

Jared – technically there’s singing and dancing in the first episode. “There’s a little rump shaking” “Apparantly Demon Dean likes to karaoke….or does he? I just don’t know anymore.”

Jared stopped by the line-sleepers last night and had a blast surprising fans.

Misha is amazed at how young the guys were when the show started. They’ve literally spent their entire adult lives on the show. They get grown people, waiters and the like, saying that they “grew up watching the show” and Jenson’s response is “get away, you man-child.” It’s amazing that they’ve been on for 10 years, survived their network merger and are still going strong.

What are we going to learn about Crowley this season? Mark says that he’s always right. In this world and every other world, he’s always right.

“Everyone wants a piece of Dean. He’s the guy you want to have around if youre in the jam.” – Jenson on why people are drawn to him, why he makes these dynamic duos with bromances and romancing.

They joke that you’re more likely to come back (as a guest star) if you’re character dies. Hopefully this means Kevin will make an appearance again!

Adorable, Jared just threw all their Funko’s to the group who was first in line.

Would you consider doing a Castiel Spinoff? Misha: yeah, I think the best would be if there was a Dean & Sam spinoff and left Supernatural to Castial and Crowley.

The next fan question is actually the actor who played Kevin! And of course, his question is when will Kevin come back? He was disguised as a cosplay from the video game Journey. That was a great moment!

Can we expect any female series regulars in the future?

Jeremy Carver – we can expect new and returning very strong, very powerful female characters this season.

Jensen talked about the amazing action in store for Demon Dean – 3 days in a row of fight scene and action. Can’t wait to see this season!

Jared says he’s grown less fond of the supernatural, meaning less willing to believe that there are ghosts out there. He’s been waiting and trying to experience something, but nothing’s happened. Jenson says he’s a realist, but now that the show’s been on for 10 years he’s got this false sense of confidence. “It better not be a ghost, because I will kill it.”

Here are a few of my Instagram pictures from the panel:

That’s it for the panel – thanks so much for following along!

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