SDCC ’14: THE MAZE RUNNER Press Conference Live-Blog

We’re live from Comic-Con covering the upcoming young adult film The Maze Runner‘s press conference, including appearances by Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Will Poulter, the writer James Dashner and Director Wes Ball.

Off to a bit of a late start, so thanks for your patience in checking in!

When we read the book and see the movie, we’re with Thomas because he doesn’t know about this world either. Did you try to stay in the dark or did you read ahead to know more than your character?

Dylan: It’s interesting to play a character that’s rebirthed in a way, he doesn’t know anything of his previous life. As an actor, it’s kind of cool to create things from there. It’s more about the character’s journey in this new resurrected life.

Wes: They’re job was to react to the things we’re thowing at them. The overall arch of the movie is this vulnerable boy coming in to the world and then ends as a man, or about to become a man.

The film had a very strong visual component. Could you talk about filming on location and the creation of the maze? 

Wes: There’s that YA-label on our back, but I saw it as just a movie. We created a world that was very visual and very unique. The situations themselves are so cinematic.

How does it feel to be the female lead in this movie? 

Kaya: It’s very exciting to lead a movie, period. Not male or female, just lead. It’s very cool.

James, how much creative input did you have in the film? 

I feel like the luckiest writer. Contractually I didn’t have any input in the film, but Fox would call me, saying “Look, you’re the creator. It can only help us.” I went to the set,  went when they were writing music…I felt very involved.

When you take another YA book in to a movie, were you worried it would get lost in the shuffle? 

Wes: I was very aware of that. This is almost more of a shipwreck movie, they’re placed in this strange environment and coming together with brotherhood and family. I wanted to get back to what I grew up on – The Goonies, E.T, etc. We don’t get bogged down in romance, it’s just balls out action and seperates us because it’s a bunch of boys. Recently it’s been a lot of female-driven films in this specific niche. And as we open up this world, you’ll see how we’re even more different.

What was it like working with such a young director? 

Dylan: When choosing a director to work with I want it to be someone I can learn from and it’s amazing to see how much of a genius Wes is and he’s only like 10 years older than me.

Wes: The movie really rests on the actors’ shoulders and I learned a lot from their commitment and characters. Spectacle alone can’t carry a film.


Sadly, that’s it for this press conference! Stay tuned for more comic-con coverage! 

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