SDCC `14: Sony’s GOOSEBUMPS Looks Like Scary Family Fun

What if all of R.L. Stine’s creatures got loose from the books and had to get put back in?  That’s the fun premise of Sony’s upcoming film Goosebumps starring Jack Black. While they just finished filming 2 days ago, they did have a rough trailer to show us at Comic-Con. 

The trailer was a funny blend of pre-visual effects, behind-the-scenes footage, and looks like fans who read the books will find a lot to love. Rather than adapting a single or only a few books into its own film, this one is about R.L. Stein’s entire anthology. All the creatures he’s ever written about are trapped in his books and somehow, likely through some meddling kids, they get let loose on a small town. Now R.L. Stein, his daughter, and their neighbors have to capture them all back in to the books or the town is doomed.

It looks like a fun mix between comedy and kid-friendly horror. Hopefully it’s something that adults can enjoy too!

The Q&A portion in the con had a few great moments, including a small Italian boy who apparently had a fun fan moment with Jack Black a few years back and they made a deal that if the boy spoke Italian, then Jack would do some sweet kung-fu movies – which he did! I wish I had video footage to share – will update this post if it becomes available.

While  there are so many books to choose from, they couldn’t give away all that were included. According to Jack, there are `’more than 10 but less than 1000`’ monsters included. But from the trailer we see the Abominable Snowman from Pasadena, Slappy the Living Dummy (who is apparently the ring leader of all the monsters, the ID/alter-ego of R.L.), a giant preying mantis, a werewolf, some devil-type creatures, and more.

Jack Black actually did some ventriliquist work, which lead in to an awesome Living Dummy bit – where he called out a slew of creatures to kidnap Jack Black. This was such a fun panel, and the film looks like ablast for Goosebumps fans!



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