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We are here to bring you live updates from what is sure to be one of the funnies panels at Comic Con: Comedy Central’s Key & Peele! MadTV alums Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele are about to start their fourth season of the hit TV show, theywill be here to bring some previous of that season, as well as some behind the scenes looks at previous seasons. Stay tuned, we will be starting shortly!

We start the panel with a sizzle reel of some of the best skits from the past three seasons. Also, the panel is Tom Lennon from Reno 911!, Harold and Kumar 3, and much more!

We are joined by Director Peter Atencio, and the stars of the show, Keegan Michael Key, and Jordan Peele!

Season 4 premieres September 24th at 10:30 PM! Asked when they will pull a Dave Chappelle? Peele: “We’ve got two tickets to Africa on us at all times.

Who’s back: Luther, Meegan and Andre, more football players in new skits, but no Fudge as of yet (moment of silence).

Developing a movie with Judd Apatow, a cartoon series based on VaDavian and Mike, and a Key & Peele film “Keanu”.  Keanu is a kitten.

On how they hit the perfect tone on their satire: Atencio- Well we just get really stoned and watch old movies and TV.

Do you ever text the president?- Peele- “He texts us. What’s going on brothas (in his Obama voice.”

Skits that didn’t make the air: Peele- “You will crack up to see some of the stuff that doesn’t make the show. One that is legendary “Hole in the Face” was going to be on the pilot. I was walking by Keegan (playing a homeless man), and he had a hole in his face. I get guilted into hanging out with him.”

How has show evolved?- Key: “We were very slavish to the sketches in the first season, and we’ve played around more since. When we are both the leads, it’s loose and more improv-y.”

How long will you do the show? Peele: “It means so much to get your laughter and support we want to thank everyone.”

The show is on fire. Keegan which one of Peele’s characters would you save. “I would save Wendell I love how wretched and yet sad he is.”

Same question for Jordan: “I would probably save Mr. Garvey. It’s the best acted sketch on TV.”

Hair and makeup: Key- ‘We have an emmy award winning makeup team that is just amazing. Peele: “Peter’s leadership is such an important spot and everyone on the crew is dedicated to doing great work.”

Writing process: Key- “Be as funny as we can be. We’ve always talked about bringing recurring characters but we have to make sure they don’t exsist in the same world.”

What were the weirdest interaction with fans: Key- “People yelling A-Aron from a long way away. ” Peele-  “Guy came up in a car and guy yelled “Key”. I just kept walking.”

Is there any after affect from The Chappelle Show fallout. Peele- “We are the biggest Dave Chapelle fans. The network never looked at us and thought “This will be a new Chapelle’s show. So it really hasn’t been an issue.”

Peter- “Their acting is just incredible. All the work that the crew does all their commitment, it wouldn’t mean as much if it wasn’t for the devotion and amazing work.”

Peele- “One of the members of Bone Thugz came up to us and are huge fans of the sketch.

Key- “I’d loved to work with Forrest Whitacker and have a flash back of the Forrest dog.”

How often do you align skits with current events.- Key: “We have to do things thematically. Guys come up to us “when you guys doing a Donald Sterling sketch?”

That wraps up our live coverage of the Key & Peele panel! We hope you enjoyed it, and stay tuned for more live blogs and other articles from Comic Con 2014!

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