SDCC ’14: 5 Things We Learned About the Jack McBrayer Triumph Sitcom

We had the chance to sit down with Jack McBrayer, Robert Smigel, and Michael Koman to talk a bit about their upcoming untitled Triumph/McBrayer Sitcom. According to the release, the show is set around McBrayer, a former child star who is trying to live a normal life 15 years after his show, costarring Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, gets cancelled. Unfortunately, Triumph, finds his way back into McBrayer’s life, and hilarity ensues. Check out some things we learned about the sitcom, which will air in 2015.

1. Triumph Has Been Looking for Something to Do

So what does one do when you have graduated from the Late Night character bit? Well Smigel told us about a few of the things Triumph has been up to since his Conan days.

Robert: We had a few options for Triumph after Conan. He was offered a movie, but that would mainly have just been 80 more minutes of what he already does. It would have been fun but after the Weiner circle I knew I needed money. The weiner circle was sp much fun and the idea of a sitcom was great. It’s so out of the box, and we are really excited for it.

2. Multi-Cam New for Everyone

Even though Smigel and McBrayer are both comedy veterans, this is the first time working on a multi-camera sitcom for both.

A: Robert: We are all newcomers to a multicam sitcom. 30 Rock was single cam. This is a world that was not our thing. The silliness of the concept made it exciting. We talk about our old favorite shows: Mary Tyler Moore, Seinfeld etc. Funny performers play off an audience. Bit of a slower pace then a single camera.

3. June Squibb To Also Star in Show

Not much is known about who else will be in the show besides McBrayer and Triump, but Executive Producer Michael Koman did drop one name: June Squibb, known most recently for her work in Nebraska.

Koman: “June Squibb is playing a regular on the show, and for us we are really excited to have strong actors for the live show and it would be best for the live audience.

4. Perhaps a Masturbating Bear or two?

With both main actors having a history of working with other comedic geniuses, we asked if there would be any 30 Rock alums or other previous characters from Conan. We asked specifically if there would be The Masturbating Bear.

(Laughs from all) Smigel: We won’t be digging too much into those older characters or anything. There might be A masturbating bear, just not THE masturbating bear.

5. Mix of story arcs and single standalone episodes.

Smgel: The plan is to watch it and you would feel like you hadn’t missed out on much week to week.  I always get frustrated when I fall behind on TV because I don’t have time to binge watch stuff. There will be mini arcs and there will be a “will they or won’t they situation between Squibb and Triumph.

We hope you area as excited for this new show as we are! Stay tuend for more Comic Con coverage all weekend!


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