Jihadists Call for the Death of THE 99 Creator

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As Americans living in post 9/11, anything related to Islamic culture tends to be a controversy in some shape or form. A seemingly harmless inclusion of a Muslim character, and then turning that person into a superhero, can either be beautiful or be seen as cause enough for any internet troll to rage over. Sometimes, the outrages are dumb and burn out within a week or two, depending on how much the major news outlets care. However, other can be pretty frightening even when expected. In this case, we’re talking about the latest Jihadi sensation, ISIS, calling for the death of Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, creator of the comic book series The 99.

In addition to American criticism within the conservative realm, some Islamic clerics have considered The 99, which features 99 young heroes each bearing one of the 99 attributes ascribed by Allah in the Quran, blasphemous and a mockery to the Islamic faith. Recently, Iraqi militant group ISIS has been systematically taking over cities, and along the way seemed to have found out about Mutawa and his popular comic book series. Now they’re offering a reward for his death.

According to the Kuwait Times, one ISIS Twitter account made a post saying “Who can kill [Naif] Al- Mutawa who makes fun of Allah’s names?” Another account posted “…whoever finds him, kill him, and he will be rewarded.” Yet another tweet says, “There is no good in us if he remains alive for over three days.” An al-Qaeda Twitter account agrees with these sentiments.

In response to these death threats, Mutawa says, “My work has glorified Islam from the US to China for the past ten years. I really do not believe in [ISIS] and Qaeda…I don’t care about them.”

About The 99:

The 99 are ordinary teenagers and adults from across the globe, who come into possession of one of the ninety-nine magical mystical Noor Stones (Ahjar Al Noor, Stones of Light) and find themselves empowered in a specific manner. All dilemmas faced by The 99 are overcome through the combined powers and capabilities of three or more members. Through this, The 99 series aims to promote values such as cooperation and unity throughout the Islamic world. Although the series is not religious, it aims to communicate Islamic virtues which are, as viewed by Dr. Al-Mutawa, universal in nature. — Wikipedia

The 99 is available for download right now on Comixology. Check it out!

[via Comics Alliance]

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