The amazing individual that is Benedict Cumberbatch, whom you all know and most likely love dearly,  is celebrating his birthday today. He is quite a brilliant actor and very brilliant person who has legions and legions of fans who are likely celebrating all over the world today. Now, how shall we celebrate? Let me introduce you to two of his earlier roles that you may not have had the wonderful pleasure of seeing yet:

Third Star:

In this film, Benedict delivers one of the greatest performances in his career. It’s an emotional, funny, heartbreaking, and beautiful film with Benedict playing a man who is ill and goes on a trip with his buddies. While on this trip they discover so much about themselves and become much closer. Benedict conveys so much emotion in this film. He literally breaks your heart and mends it. If you want to make your Cumberbatch obsession grow and you haven’t seen this film yet, please do so. Here’s the trailer:

Stewart: A Life Backwards:

In this film, Benedict plays a supporting role alongside Tom Hardy. Benedict plays a writer who writes a book about a homeless alcoholic man (Tom Hardy) and they look at this man’s life backwards and find out what events led him to how he was living. Most of the film you are left in awe of the dynamic and relationship between the characters. Benedict does a phenomenal job playing this role and with his brilliant acting, showing how two people can become such close friends even if they are complete opposites. Benedict and Tom have this beautiful chemistry that shows throughout the film. It will leave you looking at life in a completely different way. Here’s a trailer (which is not that great, but I couldn’t find any other trailers):

He’s done so many films and in each film he has delivered wonderful performances. Even in films that may not have done well, he still did fabulous. He’s a talented actor who has quickly become an in demand actor. I encourage everyone to go through his resume and check out as many of his films as you can. Give yourself a Cumberbatch day! Leave your thoughts and happy birthday messages in the comments section below!



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