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Gobbledygeek: Episode 189 – “The Sandman: Vol IV – Season of Mists”

Just taking a guess here, but you probably don’t want to go to Hell. Probably don’t want to rule it, either. And neither does Lucifer, the original fallen angel himself, which sets in motion the events of The Sandman: Vol IV – Season of Mists. Pop culture academics (and Wanna Cook? authors) K. Dale Koontz and Ensley F. Guffey join Paul and AJ for another installment of their Four-Color Flashback series exploring Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. The gang finds much to discuss, whether it be the assortment of mythological envoys sent to The Dreaming, Dream’s reunion with one-time lover Nada, or even, uh, the Merkin. Plus, Dale and Ensley went to Slayage, which was the opposite of Hell. Though the squirrels might beg to differ.

Some helpful links to aid in your enjoyment of this week’s episode!


Nada the Lily by H. Rider Haggard, available as a free e-book

“Authors dress up as their favorite characters” by Genevieve Hassan, BBC News

Wanna Cook? The Complete, Unofficial Companion to Breaking Bad

Dale’s Twitter and blog

Ensley’s Twitter and blog

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We’ll be chatting about independent film and local business with Kurtiss Hare of Akron, Ohio’s brand new Nightlight Cinema.

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