Get Your Fashion On for Shark Week

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By some bizarre twist of fate, Sharknado became a hit among terrible, awful movies. And tonight (July 30) Sharknado 2: The Second One premieres on the SyFy Channel at 9pm EST. The only reason for their relative success that we can think of, besides these movies being just…horrible it’s funny, is that they’re a precursor to something way more awesome and exciting: Shark Week, which starts August 10, 2014 on the Discovery Channel.

To many, Shark Week is practically a week-long holiday. Internet clothing store for the quirky fashionista, ModCloth, wants to celebrate Shark Week with you by providing some ferocious items that “will have you chomping at the bit!”

ModCloth Shark Tee

Take Shark Week with you while wearing this “It’s Never Too Bait Tee.”

Take the leap into the sea of stand-out style by slipping into this cotton tee by Heel Athens Lab! Based in Greece, Heel Athens Lab focuses on the novelty of each garment, creating unique “art ornaments” for fashion individuals. A loose, short-sleeve top with a basic off-white hue, this shirt is one that’ll go with the rest of your wardrobe swimmingly. –ModCloth

ModCloth Shark Week Leggings

Gee, what goes well with a shark tee? Sure skinny jeans and a nice pair of nautical loafers would do just fine, but this is Shark Week, we’re talking about! You take this holiday seriously! So why not go all out and pair it with a nice pair of “Fresh Take Leggings in Sharks” with a frak ton of sharks covering your legs?

Put an unexpected bite in your style with these shark leggings! Bright hammerhead, tiger, and great white sharks swim across these silky-soft blue leggings, giving your look a splash of quirky charm. Display these leggings under a coffee-hued frock, simple sandals, and a pair of sunnies. What a swift way to refresh your look! –ModCloth

If  you simply must go to the office during Shark Week, why not celebrate your own way with “Found a Keeper Dress.” It may not have sharks in it, but it has that coral theme going, like you’re wearing the Great Barrier Reef. Sharks like hanging around there. Also, it’s work appropriate! Even your stickler boss won’t be able to huff and puff about it. And that’s all that matters.ModCloth Shark Week dress and heels

But here’s where we get interesting. Since the dress won’t have any sharks floating around, sass up your look with a stylish pair of “Shark! Who Goes There? Heels“?

As you step out of the limousine, gently placing these shark-adorned grey heels by Irregular Choice on the pavement, the night club queue erupts in excited hubbub over your arrival! With the release of their new “Gold Label” line, which is available only to hand-chosen retailers such as ModCloth, Brighton-based Irregular Choice inspires the imagination and fosters individuality in daring, delightful new ways. Crafted from soft suede and shimmering leather, these jaw-dropping pumps feature glittering heels, rhinestone trim, and the friendly faces of your favorite ocean animal. Accompanied by an eye-catching sheath and vibrant lip color, these heels have you feeling fierce! –ModCloth

Finally, what better way end the day than to watch all your favorite shark attacks while comfortably burrowed all up inside your very own “Sea-nic Adventures Sleeping Bag in Great White Shark.”

Sea-nic Adventures Sleeping Bag in Great White Shark

Snuggle inside this six-and-a-half-foot plush great white in front of your TV while you watch a Megalodon fight it out with a prehistoric whale, or while you marvel at how high great white sharks will tear the crap out of a sea lion in midair. Plus, the bag’s dorsal fin is a removable pillow upon which you can rest you weary head and dream about more sharks!

And if you really want to show your love for Shark Week, ModCloth prepared a DIY tutorial on how to make your own shark hat (as seen at the top of this post).

For more nautical themed outfits, check out and see what ModCloth has in store. Be warned, your wallet may feel a thousand time lighter afterward.

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