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GameInvasion Podcast – Episode 17 – Our Dream Games

UPDATE: A small correction to this week’s podcast. Shovel Knight was, in fact, a crowdsourced game.

This week on GameInvasion, join Carl Wilhoyte, Nick and Katie Hammer, and Nick Weber as we talk about games that don’t exist, but we want anyway. Come with us on this voyage of the imagination. These are games that have been festering in the back of our minds, and game developers have yet to realize our fever dreams of collectible card game mixed with Legend of Zelda, diplomatic wrestling games, the ultimate living RPG Starter Town, and a supernatural survival horror game about babies.

These games are not planned, or in any stages of development. You hear that? It’s a big fat booin’ sound. That’s not going to stop us from beaming our thoughts into the noosphere and or hoping some young, plucky developer tunes in and makes these games a reality, and us bazillionaires. You’ll learn why you’ve love hamster suits, why someone to take over your town shop is a good idea and immersive as hell, why babies should (not) be shaken or starved in video games, and learn the tragic loss of Carl’s Playstation 2.



If you’d like to submit a topic for discussion, email us at videogames (at) or add your own snarky thoughts below. We’ll promise we’ll read every one’s mean comments and cry lots.

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Theme Song: Serious As An Attack Button by Questiion

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Carl Wilhoyte

Carl Wilhoyte

Carl Wilhoyte is the Video Games Editor of a class warrior poet who writes about all things video games. He's sure everything is not under control and is not going to be okay. For a good time, follow his angry rants and smart thoughts on Twitter: @carlwilhoyte.