DC Unveils First Photo of Superman for DAWN OF JUSTICE

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Imagine my surprise, and elation, as I awoke today to the news the DC and Warner Bros. have released their first official photo of Henry Cavill as Superman from Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The newly unveiled look shows us a bit older Superman and a slightly tweaked costume, standing just outside what appears to be Gotham City as rain falls from the sky.


This is our 2nd official look at a leading character from the new film, with the unveiling of Ben Affleck’s Batman and Batmobile having arrived several months back. DC and Warner are doing a nice job of teasing us with little nuggets from the upcoming prequel to the Justice League film, that will see Batman holding Clark accountable for the destruction he brought upon Metropolis in the Man Of Steel film last year.

And as a ridiculous fan of the Superman character, I couldn’t be more excited right now with these early looks at this new film. I truly believe this project is in good hands, and we can all rest easy and await DC’s best film yet.

Fans, how do you feel about this new Superman look? Sound off in our COMMENTS section!

[via GeekTyrant]

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