Batgirl Is Getting a Hipster Makeover

It has recently been announced that Batgirl will be receiving a new look. Be honest, deep down you have always wondered how Batgirl managed to put on and take off the skin tight suit. The new look makes it a lot easier for her

This new look will be one that is less… skin tight. For a while now, the Dark Knight has been receiving different batsuit revamps. It’s finally Batgirl’s turn. The new look comes with a new creative team. The team will consist of writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher and artist Babs Tarr. Cameron Stewart is known for his works in Batman Incorporated and Catwoman (both comics part of the Batfamily).

The series will begin with a fire that will destroy everything that Batgirl owns. What’s a girl to do? Start from scratch of course. All we needed was a fire for Batgirl to get a costume revamp. Better late then never. The suit will stick to the same purple and yellow color scheme that has been used on and off for a few years now.

As you can see this costume steps away from the skin tight spandex that Batgirl has been known for. Instead, this new look gives the feel of a innocent Batgirl (as innocent as one can be while beating up bad guys). The costume will no longer have sex appeal. However, the design won’t lose followers of heroine, but will bring in more. The design will appeal more to female (and male) teen readers more.  The costume also leans more to the hipster side. For example, the boots look like Doc Martens. The ability to snap and unsnap the cape is nice. For example, say Batgirl needs hide in plain sight, she needs to get rid of her cape fast. But, say that she is dangling from a building by the cap and it unsnaps. How strong are the snaps? Good thing she has her utility belt.



Starting in October, Batgirl will debut her new look in Batgirl #35. We all be watching as she picks up the pieces and reinvents herself.

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