Amazing Changes Happening In Marvel Comics: Avengers NOW!

As everyone may already know, Marvel has been busy changing up the Avengers by diversifying it. The move came with the change of Marvel’s ‘Big Three’. Thor is now a woman, Captain America will be black, and Iron Man got a new a suit. These changes are under the broad project called, ‘Marvel NOW!’. It will follow the footsteps of ‘Marvel NOW!’, where Marvel shelled out relaunches two years ago.

Under ‘Avengers NOW!’, new titles will be released according to the new changes. For Thor there will be the new comic series simply titled, ‘Thor’. This series will debut the new embodiment of the God of Thunder as a woman. Whose identity won’t be revealed until the new series in released. ‘Thor’ #1 will debut in October.

Superior Iron Man #1 will debut in November. This will also debut Tony Stark’s new sleek looking Iron Man suit.

The Captain America’s comic, ‘All New Captain America’ #1 will also debut in November. The next person to take up the mantle (or shield) will be Sam Wilson, who previously held the title of The Falcon.

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