60 Seconds in the Life of Barry Allen

This exclusive ‘Flash’ comic gives readers a glimpse of just how much Flash can accomplish in only a minute. This includes stopping crime, getting the nickname, the “Strange Red Streak”, which the CW can add to its list of nicknames given to superheroes along with the “Red, Blue Blur” and the “Hood”.

Anyway, this comic can be found in the TV Guide Comic Con Special issue. Written by DC Comics’ chief creative officer, Geoff Johns. Scott Kolins was the artist, seems fitting since both Johns and Kolins worked the ‘Flash’ comics in the early 2000s.

The comic also gives us a sneak peek of what to expect from the show. This includes Barry’s unrequited love of Iris West. Of course, more of this will be seen this fall when ‘The Flash” premieres.

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Sade Tavarez

Sade Tavarez