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What makes a successful gambling app?

In the incredibly competitive world of gambling apps, each gaming company and bookmaker strives to provide their customers with best possible gaming app. But with so many for a consumer to choose from, how does a company make their gambling app a success, and one that stands out from the crowd?


At the top of the list of prerequisites for a successful gambling app is compatibility with different types of mobile devices. Pretty much every gambling or gaming app is now compatible with iPhone, Android and Blackberry, and this has to the starting point for any new gambling apps. Consumers won’t just blindly download an app though; they’ll check out reviews to make sure that it doesn’t have any glitches when used on their particular type of device. 

User interface

Because there are so many apps out there, users aren’t going to waste time on a gambling app that is cumbersome to use and difficult to navigate. The best apps are often the simplest, with clear graphics and easy to use controls. From a player’s point of view, the customer support is important too. All the top poker sites offer customer support to help people use their gambling apps, but some of them are more useful than others. PokerStars has a 24/7 support team to answer any questions whenever a player needs assistance.

For a gambling app, payment security is an important feature to get right. Customers aren’t going to be interested in using an app where their cash may be put at risk. The only risks they want to take are the bets that they place, not whether the software will let them down. As a consumer, the best way to find out if there are any security problems with a particular app is to check out the reviews. People who have been disappointed won’t hold back from sharing this information.


Gaming variety

The wider the selection of gaming and gambling you can do with one app, the more likely you are to use it. People enjoy simplicity, and if that means being able to do a whole range of gambling with one app rather than several, then that’s the one they’ll go for. This is why the most successful gambling apps around today offer the widest variety of gaming choices and betting options.

Special offers

It goes without saying that for most consumers the best app is a free app, and gambling apps are generally free to download. Beyond that, to make an app more successful than its rivals, there need to be special promos and offers to tempt consumers to sign up. On bookmaker apps, the most common incentive is a free initial bet using the mobile app, which is probably why many people have more than one betting app on their phone.

On casino gaming apps, there’s usually a welcome bonus to take advantage of when a player first signs up, which typically matches or doubles the amount a player puts down – up to a ceiling limit, of course. Some gambling app bonuses are more restrictive than others, so the savvy consumer will usually shop around to find the best all-round deal.

With companies like Juniper Research estimating that a total of $100 billion will be placed in global mobile wagers by 2017, it’s easy to see why the gaming industry wants to get their mobile gambling apps just right, so that they can secure their share of this burgeoning market.

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