Thirsty Thursday: 21 JUMP STREET Drinking Game

It’s not too often that a comedy is one of the most highly anticipated summer movies, but that is just the case with 22 Jump Street. The sequel to the hugely popular 21 Jump Street brings Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill back together as the two undercover cops go to college this time.

In honor of this release next week, we are bringing you the official drinking game for the first movie, 21 Jump Street. We hope you enjoy our game, and play along with it when you rewatch 21 Jump Street this weekend in prep for the second one!

Take a drink when…

  • The drug is either shown or mentioned
  • A gun is pulled out
  • The main duo does something high schoolers can’t do
  • Jonah Hill is cooler than Channing Tatum
  • A school bus is in the shot


Take two drinks when..

  • Someone is tripping on the drug
  • The Miranda rights are read, or a form of them are read
  • Channing Tatum does science
  • The duo is made fun of at the police academy
  • The duo is sent to a superior’s office

Finish your drink when…

  • Someone’s privates get shot off

Are you excited for 22 Jump Street? Let us know in the comments!

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