The Best of Pawsplay: Part 1

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We all know how amazing cosplay can be but there are some that go unnoticed for all of the brilliance that they bring into this world. That’s right, I’m talking about the pets of the world. Sure their “masters” probably make or buy the costumes and then force the pets to wear them. But that’s not science. What we DO know is that some of these costumes are hella fabulous and deserve to be showcased accordingly.

That’s why pawsplay is the new cosplay. As often as possible, we’ll showcase a variety of our favourite pets showing off their pawsplaying skills. If you have a pet that can rock a Walter White costume (nay, a PAWlter White costume) or chihuahuas that fight evil by moonlight, then we want to see it. Submit your photos to me at

Moon Prism Power by mayama_ya on Instagram


Amaterasu from Okami by EnchantedCupcake on deviantART


Nick Furry by migrainesky on deviantART


PAWlter White by georgethekat on Instagram


The Pugs of Middle Earth by Pupstar Sonoma


iPaws Halloween Costume by Gregory Hull


THORgi by Elisa D’Alessandro


Captain Americorgi and the Winter Soldier by Unknown (if you know who these cosplayers are or who owns the photo, let us know!)


Frankenweenie by annielovespitsbulls


Batman and Robin by Stephanie Cooke… yes, I included my own photo in this post… SUE ME! My cat is awesome, ok?!


This has all been very aMEWsing but that’s all we’ve got time/room for this time. Keep an eye out for the best in pet cosplay aka PAWSplay and make sure you’re submitting your favourite photos to us.

Which pawsplay was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Stephanie Cooke

Stephanie Cooke

Stephanie is a comic book fan, but she also considers herself an avid gamer, movie watcher, lover of music and Twitter. Stephanie is a purveyor of too many projects and has written for Talking Comics,, CG Magazine, Dork Shelf and more. She also runs Toronto Geek Trivia in her home city and can be found helping out at other “geek” community things around there.