SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL Trailer, Now with Subtitles!

For you non-Japanese speakers, Viz Media just released their own Sailor Moon Crystal trailer. It’s the same one we saw earlier this month, but now it’s equipped with English subtitles.

Crystal is a 26-episode long series that covers the Dark Kingdom arc, following much closer to the manga than the original anime did. It focuses on the Inner Guardians and the main villain: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus fighting against Queen Beryl.

For the longest time, most of us just assumed we would have to tune into an obscure Japanese-affiliated streaming site to satisfy our Sailor Moon kick. Each time this writer forgot how to get to the English version of said site, let alone remember it. Thankfully, we Americans will be able to view the new episodes on Hulu and NeonAlley, which will air the subtitled version of the show simultaneously on the day the original is released. If you have Hulu hooked up to your TV, rejoice! It’ll be just like 20 years ago, but with better…everything!

Sailor Moon - In the Name of the Moon
“In the name of the moon…I will PUNISH YOU!”
Sailor Moon Crystal premieres July 5, 2014 followed by new episodes airing every first and third Saturday of every month.

[via Nerdist]

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