Robot Chicken Invades Nintendo’s 2014 E3 Digital Event

E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, pretty much the biggest video gaming event of every year, where Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and all of those guys that make them video games you spend so much precious time with show off their new wares for the upcoming year or two, just wrapped up last week and for the second year in a row, Nintendo substituted a big flashy press conference a la everyone else with a video on the internet for all to see.

The Nintendo Directs have become a standard thing for Nintendo in the past year or so, and this year’s E3 Digital Event not only showed off some pretty damn exciting new games and features (Hyrule Warriors, some sorta new Zelda thing, Splatoon (which, personally, I can’t wait for), new Super Smash Bros characters and content, a really pretty-lookin’ new Yoshi title) but also showed off just how fun this company is. The other companies might have made jokes on stage or had themes like Sony’s letters to the company, but Nintendo? Nintendo had Reggie Fils-Amie and Satoru Iwata fighting with some kung-fu and toy peripherals. Also?

Also they had Robot Chicken.

The RC crew threw together some scenes that were scattered throughout the Digital Event that starred Reggie Fils-Amie hosting the company’s E3 conference, getting heckled by someone in the crowd, and starred Nintendo’s iconic bunch of characters from their most iconic titles hanging out backstage, watching the conference themselves and mingling amongst one another.

Check out the entire Digital Event by clicking these shiny words. Check out the Robot Chicken bits here (whoever uploaded this to YouTube went through the trouble of adding the RC channel changing/TV fuzz transitions, which is pretty cool):

By the way, if anyone’s been playing Nintendo’s newest 3DS title Tomodachi Life and you have any cool Adult Swim-related Miis on your island, share your QR codes in the comments, why not!

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