New Trailer for Eli Roth’s THE GREEN INFERNO

While kids prepare for the horrors of returning to school this fall, we should all be preparing for a frightening September as the 5th will mark the opening of Open Road Films’ new horror thriller, The Green Inferno, from the crazy mind of Eli Roth, who directed Hostel and Cabin Fever. And to get us all good and frightened in anticipation for the film, Open Road Films has released a new trailer that tells us all we need to know about Roth’s new horror story.


In The Green Inferno, a group of student activists from New York start off with the rather sweet intention of helping to protect the rainforest and the native people within it. The beginning plot centers around the activists, including main protagonist Justine, played by Lorenza Izzo, who are set to travel to the Peruvian jungle in order to stop a corporation from destroying the land. However, as you can probably guess, the plane they take never arrives at its intended destination. Instead, some sort of malfunction sends the plane crashing into an unknown part of the jungle.

When Justine awakens, she and her companions are being captured by the very natives they were hoping to protect. The natives then take a very Roth-esque approach to dealing with their captives. Justine and the rest of her group who survived the plane crash try desperately to escape the horrors surrounding them in the jungle. Earlier in the trailer, Justine’s father is trying to get her to stay study real estate education. Something tells me she should have taken her father’s advice.

The Trailer

The newly released trailer for The Green Inferno appears to encapsulate the thriller-type character that the full film is going for. In the middle of the trailer, as Justine is coming to after the crash, the first appearance of a Peruvian jungle native comes in startling form with a burst of sound and rush of adrenaline. The trailer starts with a soft, guitar-accompanied song that gives the whole video a creepy feel as well.

Beyond the disconcerting song and weird vibe, the trailer gives you clues about the plot in the opening moments. Trees are being cut down by bulldozers, Justine is talking to her father about doing something about the rainforest, and a group of people are on a plane with an encouraging, hopeful attitude before everything goes wrong. The creepy music then gives way to silence as the plane crashes and the focus is on Justine’s unconscious head.

When she finally wakes up and her eyes open slowly to get her first look at a native man, that’s when the loud music and evil-looking character may make you jump. Then, as the survivors of the crash are being taken by the red-covered natives, you can easily tell nothing but horrors await them. The rest of the trailer includes the unlucky activists suffering the tortures of the natives before it ends with Justine tied up with her face painted as the obvious target of the next tortuous act.

For all you horror thriller fans out there, this trailer will remind you of the 2008 film The Ruins. Many of the same ideas come into play with a group of innocent-seeming American going to a foreign place. Before they know it, they are neck deep in trouble stemming from the lack of hospitality of the native people. Both films are sure to include plenty of gruesome moments as well.

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