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HYRULE WARRIORS: Army of Female Characters

Hyrule WarriorsThe Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors mash-up, has a new character trailer for Zelda. In addition to Link as a playable character, we now have, Impa, Midna, Zelda, and Fafmitsu just revealed Agitha, the bug girl from Twilight Princess, and new character Lana to the roster. That’s 5 playable female characters out of 6. This is fantastic news, and I applaud Nintendo for this.

The lack of female characters at E3 was pretty disappointing. I know to some, learning that the new Wii U main series The Legend of Zelda game would not feature a female lead was also a big disappointment. So, Nintendo has really made up with Hyrule Warriors, one day we’ll get that main series Zelda game that allows you to play as Zelda…well, a good Zelda game that is.


This usually becomes a bigger discussion about diversity and equality in the gaming community, but as I’ve stated before, with almost half of all gamers being female. It’s about time we get a kick ass roster of ladies. To people against this, I’m not trying to change your mind, I’m just trying to understand your reasoning. I’ve had people tell me they can’t connect to a female character because they’re not female. Okay, that’s fine, but you’re telling me you relate more to a blue hedgehog with a human woman girlfriend, than a female Shepard from Mass Effect?

I just don’t understand this logic, and I may never, but it’s always worth talking about. Nintendo, in my opinion, has done just that, given us a reason to talk about female protagonists.

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