10 years ago today the third installment in the Harry Potter films was released which featured Gary Oldman as convicted murderer Sirius Black. The film was directed by Alfonso Cuarón and screenplay by Steve Kloves. It’s amazing realizing how long ago this film came out. The Harry Potter books and films are so beloved and continue changing so many lives.

Harry and the rest of the Hogwarts students returned to Hogwarts, to a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor (Professor Lupin) played by David Thewlis. 

In the beginning of the film we see Harry using magic, which is not allowed outside of Hogwarts at his age, on his aunt Marge and inflates her and she flies away and he runs away after doing it. The Knight Bus picks Harry up and takes him to The Leaky Cauldron where he meets the Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge to discuss his use of magic. He then meets up with Ron and Hermione and they find out about Sirius Black. Once on the Hogwarts Express, dementors board the train, looking for Sirius, and Harry passes out. They meet Professor Lupin, who was actually in their compartment with them, who offers Harry some chocolate. Then throughout the film we are taken on yet another amazing magically journey.

Here’s a trailer:

Some clips from the film:

In this clip we see the introduction of the awesome Knight Bus. It picks Harry up after he runs away from the Dursley’s house and takes him to the Leaky Caluldron. It runs at insane speed and no muggles notice it. It’s probably the coolest way of transportation even though it looks incredibly uncomfortable. Check it out here:

In this clip we are introduced to the dementors who suck the happiness out of you and make you completely depressed and miserable. When they appear on the Hogwarts express, one of them begins to suck any happiness out of Harry and Professor Lupin helps get it away. Immediately after the experience Harry passes out. Dementor’s have a huge role in this film, because they end up staying around Hogwarts in search of Sirius Black. They cause a lot of problems. During a very stormy Quidditch match, they overpower him and cause him to fall. They make appearances at all the wrong times. Look at their appearance here:

This moment is definitely one of the best moments in Harry Potter history. We see Hermione standing up for herself and punching Draco in the face. It definitely showed a completely different side to Hermione and it proves that her character development was amazing. A smarty pants girl with a side you don’t want to mess with! It was a great moment for Hermione, because I think it made her realize she is an amazing young woman. Check out the moment here:

When the trio goes to visit Hagrid and comfort him as he awaits the execution of Buckbeak, once they run off and watch as Buckbeak gets executed, suddenly a dog appears and takes Ron into a passage way into the Whomping Willow and in there we find out that Sirius isn’t bad. He’s actually Harry’s godfather. He was bestfriends with Harry’s dad and they were bestfriends with Professor Lupin. We also find out that one of their other bestfriends Peter Pettigrew is alive and had taken form as a rat, Ron’s pet rat Scabbers, and he betrayed Harry’s parents and did all the crime Sirius was convicted for. Harry doesn’t let Professor Lupin and Sirius kill Peter and instead wants to give him over to the dementors. When Professor Lupin and Sirius fight in their Animagus forms, Peter escapes. Harry and Sirius are then attacked by dementors and when it seems like it’s too late, a figure appears and makes a stag Patronus and helps Harry. Harry then thinks that it’s actually his dead father. When he finds out that Sirius has been sentenced, Dumbledore’s advises Harry and Hermione to travel back in time to get him away. They save Buckbeak and when they get back to the moment where Harry and Sirius were attacked by dementors, he casts the mysterious Patronus and they save Sirius and he escapes with Buckbeak. Professor Lupin then resigns. Also, Sirius Black buys Harry an awesome new broom called a Firebolt.


What’s your favorite part of the film? Is it your favorite book? What didn’t you like about the film? Comment in the comments section below with your thoughts!



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