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HALT AND CATCH FIRE – Episode 1 Recap

AMC’s new show Halt and Catch Fire premiered its first episode and it was a little slow, but picked up towards the end. The show stars Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Mackenzie Davis, Kerry Bishé, Toby Huss, and more and it is created by Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers.


The show starts off with introducing us to Lee Pace’s character Joe MacMillan a former IBM sales executive who seems full of himself and slick, he then runs over an armadillo with his BMW. He also gives a speech and has an exchange back and fourth with a computer science student, Cameron Howe, who seems completely cocky and knows she’s badass. He follows her, they drink and then he has a quickie with her and then gets a new job as a sales exec at a small PC firm called Cardiff. Seems like he’s going to be one heck of an interesting character. It’s going to be fun seeing his development. Also, Lee Pace is completely owning the role.

We are then introduced to Gordon Clark, who was in jail and drunk, who seems to be having marriage troubles with his wife. Also, he seems to just not give a damn. Joe runs into him the next morning at the job and finds out more about him and it seems as if Gordon is quite a brilliant man. Joe then starts trying to convince Gordon to help him with some big things. He even goes to the theater and meets him there to discuss what he wants to do. Also, using what Gordon has written once which was a  seminal technical article arguing for “open architecture” in computing and it was the idea that if every computer works the same exact way, computers would be much more useful, potentially even revolutionary. So basically, computers are pretty damn needed and will be needed in the future. Joe reveals that he wants to reverse engineer a IBM PC and make a cheaper and better copy of it. Gordon, after having problems with his wife, then decides to help out. After working together for hours on reverse engineering, he then runs into a problem with his wife again who is mad at him for lying to her about doing this.

He then tries to make it up too her and she lets him continue doing this. All while the lead guy at Cardiff, John Bosworth, gets a call from IBM and they let him know that Joe is wanted and not really a guy who should be trusted. So they all figure out a way to make what Joe is doing what they want to do. If that makes sense. Joe wants to make it legally sound and they make a “clean room” in which someone who hasn’t seen what Gordon is doing, will try to do it their self. Joe hires Cameron Howe and she accepts.

In the final moments of the episode we get Joe, Gordon and Cameron getting hounded by John and then many people from IBM start piling into the office and we are left with Joe starring at them with completely determined eyes. He’s ready to make them look like fools. From previews, it looks as if the show will definitely pick up and get much better. For a pilot episode, it actually did leave me wanting more and very curious as to how it’ll all play out. What do you guys think? Will this all work? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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