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GameInvasion Podcast – Episode 14 – A Puckish Roguelike

You know all those weird, obtuse, impossibly difficult games that murder your love for all things on God’s green earth? Apparently, those are called “fun” now. They’re also called “roguelikes” after the 1980 game Rogue, which no one has played for the last 34 years, and its mutant genre of games are our topic for this week’s GameInvasion.

A roguelike is a normally hard-ass game that involves procedurally generated content and perma-death, making each playthrough new, terrifying, and certain to end in grim, depressing failure. But hey, losing is fun! That’s our motto! Join us on GameInvasion where we argue for far too long about what actually constitutes a roguelike, Nick Hammer gets to pine for Persona 4 (again), and why Carl Wilhoyte should always casually recommend games you may like sorta right before he goes to bed. You’ll spend 500 hrs playing them, that’s why.



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Carl Wilhoyte

Carl Wilhoyte

Carl Wilhoyte is the Video Games Editor of a class warrior poet who writes about all things video games. He's sure everything is not under control and is not going to be okay. For a good time, follow his angry rants and smart thoughts on Twitter: @carlwilhoyte.