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FARGO – Lester’s Ruthless – Episodes 8 & 9 Recap

A lot has gone on during the last two episodes of Fargo, and the latest episode has Lester in quite a pickle and he’s ruthless!

(Spoiler ahead!!!)

In episode 8, Molly and Gus got married with Molly being pregnant and Lester moved on to a lovely and quite interesting woman named Linda. He also got a salesman of the year award. We also see that Lorne Malvo looks different and has grey hair.

We are shown why Malvo looks so different now. He is working as a dentist named Dr. McMike in Kansas City, Mo.. And he proves yet again that he can do whatever he wants and be whoever he wants. He goes to a party at Dr. Burt Canton’s house, his target, and gets a lead as to where Burtie’s brother is, who is in a witness protection program after testifying against the mob in Chi-Town. Burt then invites Malvo to Vegas to meet his brother. We are then brought to where Malvo was sitting last episode and Lester approches him and insists they know each other. He talks about his Insurance Salesman of the Year award and other things. Malvo warns burt and his wife that they’ll miss the show they were going to so they all pile into the elevator and Lester follows along. He tries to make Malvo stop acting like he doesn’t know him. Malvo then repeats, “is this what you want?” He says yes, and Malvo guns down Burt, his wife and Jemma and when Malvo asks Lester too help him dispose of the bodies he runs off.

On his way back to Bemidji, with his wife Linda, and is completely nervous. He decides to go on a trip to Acalpulco with his wife Linda and when they rush home they start getting ready and Lester gets his brother Chazz’s gun and is ready to flee. Before he heads out, Molly is standing right at the door and comes in and questions him about the murders that Malvo committed in Vegas. After the questioning, he advises them to stay and not fly out since video from the security camera in the elevator will be shown and she might have more questions. We then see that Malvo is back in town and visits Lester’s old address, (he moved to a new house with his wife Linda), and asks the owner where Lester is. Then he tells the new owner about all the murders that happened in house and scares the guy and his kids.

Lester still plans on leaving even thought he was told not too and buys tickets anyway. Malvo makes his way to Molly’s dad’s diner and they share a weird interaction and all throughout it all Malvo asks where he thinks Lester would be and Molly’s dad doesn’t tell him, but is willing to give a phone number. He wants to surprise Lester so he declines. Molly drives to her dad’s diner and throughout that scene it’s incredibly tense and we are made to believe that Molly will walk in and find Malvo, but Malvo gets away. Molly comes to her dads diner to meet with F.B.I. agents Budge and Pepper from Fargo and they ask Molly to describe what her notes about Malvo are. She takes them to the big board full of her notes that lead up too Malvo being the killer. Deputy Oswalt walks in and again just doesn’t want anything reminding him of all this and says the board gives him nightmares. The agents tell Molly that her work is tremendus and we FINALLY see someone acknowledge how great Molly is.

The last bit of this episode show a very ruthless and completely horrible Lester betraying his wife Linda. When they set into their car and head to his office, Lester begins to get nervous thinking Malvo might just be in his office. So he parks across the street and instead of him going in, he pretends like he tweaked his back and asks his wife to go inside instead and makes her wear his orange coat with the hood up. While Linda is walking to the office we see Lester hesitating and feeling nervous, but he doesn’t stop Linda and when she walks in, she’s shot in the back of the head by Malvo. Lester is obviously shaken up, but instead of running in and potentially attacking Malvo he continues to stay in his car and Malvo walks out of the office, cleans his gun and walks off. Lester is at the point of no return, he is dangerous!

What do you guys think will happen in next week’s finale? Will Malvo get caught? What’s going to happen to Lester? Comment in the comments section below with your thoughts!


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