ENLISTED Deserves Another Season

Most people haven’t seen FOX‘s criminally underrated military comedy Enlisted, which is a crime. One of the funniest comedies of the 2013-14 television season, FOX dumped the show on Friday nights in January, pretty much killing the show before it ever had a chance. After nine episodes, the network pulled the show and has been burning off the final episodes on Sundays at 7:00 p.m. Now, the show’s most likely final episode, Alive Day, will air this Sunday (June 22).


Creator Kevin Biegel has been fighting to keep Enlisted alive, speaking with other networks about taking the show on. He even took to Entertainment Weekly, asking people to tune in to these final episodes in the hopes it will improve the show’s chances of a second season, be it on Hulu, Netflix, anywhere.

Enlisted deserves that chance. One of the few shows to find it’s footing early in it’s run (and by early I mean the pilot episode), Enlisted would have been gangbusters, slotted on Tuesday nights between Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl. Instead, FOX scheduled Seth MacFarlane’s unfunny, live action Dads in that spot. Topped off with The Mindy Project, FOX’s Tuesday nights would’ve featured one of the best two-hour blocks of comedy in recent memory. Instead, Dads tanked and has since been cancelled. Thanks to that gaping hole at 8:30, the network has moved Brooklyn Nine-Nine to Sundays and scheduled a one hour reality show, Utopia, from 8:00 to 9:00.

Real smart, FOX.


After punching a senior officer in Afghanistan, Sgt. Pete Hill (Geoff Stults) is assigned to Rear Detachment, joining his sarcastic brother Derrick (Chris Lowell) and dimwitted but loyal youngest brother Randy (Parker Young) as they take care of the base while the rest of the outfit fights overseas. They’re overseen by Sgt. Major Cody (Keith David), who helped raise the brothers after their father died.

There’s too much good in Enlisted to let it disappear into history. It’s a very loving tribute to members of the Armed Forces, which really is reason in and of itself to keep the show going, because ‘Merica. The show also handles the PTSD that can come from combat with a deft, sympathetic touch. The Hill brothers are also some of the most realistic put on screen, complete with all of the petty arguments, drunken competitions and nut punches that come with having brothers.

And then, there’s Keith David.

The last time David was this good in anything, it was the fight to end all fights in John Carpenter‘s classic They Live. Check it out below (note: explicit language and all sorts of awesomeness are embedded):

And here’s just a taste of the greatness that is David in Enlisted:

Beigel, who’s served time on South ParkScrubs and Cougar Town, should get the chance to fully realize Enlisted‘s potential. Besides, how can a show featuring a guy riding a mechanized spider while holding a Poo Gun get cancelled? Seriously. It boggles the mind.

In the meantime, Enlisted will air this Sunday (June 22) at 7:00 p.m. Earlier episodes can be viewed on Hulu.

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