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E3 2014: ALIEN ISOLATION Turns Up the Tension

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Since its announcement in last year’s E3, many have been apprehensive about Alien Isolation’s release. Understandably so considering Colonial Marines was such a frakking disaster. Back then, we caught a small glimpse of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, running and hiding from the one Xenomorph loose upon a derelict ship. This alone was enough to get Alien fans excited and scared out of our freaking minds. Creative Assembly adds to that already established tension with more details at this year’s E3, introducing another threat as well as a whole other way to experience the heart-stopping terror that is being stalked by an Alien. there is only one simple advice Creative gives to the player: “Do not try to kill the alien.” No problem there, buddy. This gamer plans to run like hell.

First a rundown of what we already knew:


  • You play as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter.
  • The story takes place 15 years after the events of Ridley Scott’s Alien.
  • Amanda, looking for answers concerning her mother’s fate, is led to the Sevastopol, a decommissioned trading space station.
  • For unknown reasons, the Sevastopol was reported heavily damaged in 2137, the same year a Xenomorph Drone somehow made it into the ship and killed much of its crew.
  • Unlike Colonial Marines, the player deals with only one Xenomorph that is apparently stalking you throughout the ship.
  • This is purely a run, hide, survive horror game.
  • You have limited resources with which to defend yourself. Your one and only true friend is the tracker that can detect the Alien.

Some new details: 
It was revealed earlier this week that not only will you have to worry about a terrifying alien with acid for blood coming after you, but there are humans and synthetics coming after you too. To combat these elements, the player will have access to weapons, after all. In one gameplay session on Spike TV, we got to see Amanda use a flamethrower on the Alien chasing after her. This, from we gathered watching the video, temporarily stuns the sucker or just sends it running in another direction — just enough time for you to get the frak out of there.

One of the writers of the game, Will Porter further detailed what to expect weapon-wise:

A pulse rifle is not going to come anywhere near this project. There is no automated turret sequence. This is not that kind of game. There is a such a degree of separation between us and the other games. In a lot of people’s heads, the James Cameron, Vietnam-in-space angle was more instantly transferable into the way video games are, but there’s plenty of different sorts of video games. [Hero Complex]

Alien Isolation android

Another added element that will really turn stress levels up to a million is the fact that gamers will be able to use the Oculus Rift. Sort of. Creative lead Al Hope saw the terrifying potential back at GDC in 2013. The devs decided to give it a try, building a demo just in time for E3 2014. It’s currently in prototype stage. As if playing games with a scary atmosphere wasn’t enough, actually putting yourself in the game takes things to a whole new level of needing to change your pants. I don’t know about you, but this could be amazing and terrible (in a good way) at the same time. As proven by a lot of Rift gameplay found on YouTube, horror games seem to thrive in the VR world.

Jury’s still out one exactly what happened to the Sevastopol crew and why humans, synths, and an Alien is chasing after you. Knowing the level of dickishness Weyland-Yutani is capable of, we have a strong feeling they’re somehow responsible.

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