9 Things You Didn’t Know About EDGE OF TOMORROW

Edge of Tomorrow is the new action sci-fi film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. The movie is helmed by Doug Liman, director of The Bourne Identity is my pick for best movie of the summer (so far and excluding Captain America: The Winter Soldier because May isn’t summer to me).

Check out some facts about the film that you may not have known about:

1. Edge of Tomorrow is Based on a Book

Edge of Tomorrow is actually based on an illustrated novel called All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

The novel was also recently adapted into a manga that was written by Ryōsuke Takeuchi and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. In January 2014, it began its serialization in Weekly Young Jump magazine and also in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine by Viz Media. Additionally, a graphic novel adaptation was released in May.

2. Edge of Tomorrow and Harry Potter

Did you know that Edge of Tomorrow was filmed in the United Kingdom? Did you know that both Edge of Tomorrow and the Harry Potter movies were produced by Warner Bros.? Do you see where I’m going with this yet? No? Well let me fill you in:

All of Edge of Tomorrow was filmed on sets from the Harry Potter series at Leavesden Studios. Maybe the mech suits that they wear in the film are for wizards only.

3. Emily Blunt Almost Killed Tom Cruise During Filming

Most people slightly familiar with Tom Cruise’s career know that he always likes to do his own stunts. Emily Blunt, not wanting to be outdone, opted to try to do some of her own as well. One of the stunts involved Blunt driving down a highway at a fast speed and doing a very sharp turn while a trailer was hitched to the back of the vehicle.

After doing the shot once, the stunt coordinator asked Blunt to do the whole thing again but even faster. As Blunt drove down the road, Cruise began mumbling in the seat beside her “Brake. Brake. Brake. Brake, brake, brake, brake, brake!” and the turn came up and she waited too late to take it and crashed them into a tree.

They obviously both survived and immediately following the incident, Blunt turned to Cruise and while they were both laughing said “I thought you were being so annoying when you told me to hit the brake.”

You can listen to Ms. Blunt tell the story below:

4. The Rita’s

Edge of Tomorrow has been called a sci-fi version of Groundhog Day and while they are obviously very different movies, they do have a couple of things in common. Outside of the obvious stuff like redoing a certain day over and over again, Emily Blunt plays Rita in Edge of Tomorrow and Andie MacDowell plays Rita in Groundhog Day. Coincidence?

5. An Expensive Screenplay

Dante Harper, who wrote the original screenplay for Edge of Tomorrow wound up being cut out of the final credits of the film but not before selling the script to Warner Bros. for a whopping $1 million. Not too bad, if I do say so myself.

6. Tom Cruise Replaced Brad Pitt

That’s right! Originally, the role of Major Cage was written for hunky heartthrob, Mr. Brangelina Jolie aka just Brad Pitt. However, due to a scheduling conflict, Pitt had to decline to take on Edge of Tomorrow so he could continue with the film he was already signed on for.

Oh, and before Emily Blunt signed on for the film, Bérénice Bejo was originally considered for the role of Rita. You may remember Bejo as the leading lady in the 2011 film The Artist.


7. Tom Cruise is a Workaholic

Well, maybe that’s not entirely true but less than a week after wrapping up Oblivion in 2012, Cruise began working on pre-production for Edge of Tomorrow.

8. Mech Suits are HEAVY

This probably doesn’t come as any surprise, especially if you’ve seen the movie, but mech suits are heavy. 85-pounds heavy. On set, Emily Blunt apparently started crying while wearing the suit because she was doing all of her own stunts and the suit was too heavy for her to carry. Tom Cruise jokingly offered her up some advice, which was to “stop being such a wuss”.

Emily Blunt, however, stopped doing her own stunts for the film during production of the film. She had been doing them herself but opted out once she found out the news. Initially Blunt didn’t give a reason for why she was no longer going to do her own stunts but when Cruise got suspicious and pressed the issue further, he became only the third person after Blunt’s husband (John Krasinki) and close friend to find out that she was pregnant.


9. Edge of Tomorrow and D-Day

The film was released on June 6, 2014, which was the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion during World War II. Many of the battle scenes in the film are set on the beaches of Normandy.

Edge of Tomorrow is currently out in theaters and if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, make sure you do so ASAP. Our spoiler-free review of it is also online here if you want to know more about why it’s something you should see.

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